Feb 27

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DTP noon Update: Springfield School Board demonstrates leadership in moving to stop CC testing foolishness


DTP Noon 1-minute update bannerThe Ohio Senate is now considering a bill, passed unanimously in the Ohio House, to prevent the school records of students from being negatively impacted should the student’s parents opt the student out of the PARCC/Common Core proficiency testing. At the crux of this political debate is the concern of many that the growing mandate for testing is substantially negatively impacting the student’s academic environment. Less time for instruction, more time being prepared for testing, more time in testing, and more stress on students, parents and teachers for doing well on the testing.

The Springfield Board of Education has had enough, it appears, of all of this added testing requirements. They are applying for a waiver that would exempt their students from most of the testing from third grade through high school. The Springfield Superintendent is fully on board with this and intends to personally deliver the application to Columbus as it is due by March 2.

Now, why aren’t other Miami Valley school systems doing the same? What lame excuse will they have for missing this deadline? Why is there a deadline in the first place? Why not just make taking the tests up to the local school boards? Isn’t this the “local control” that Gov. John Kasich seems to believe exists when it comes to the Common Core educational standards and their implementation?

Top-down directed K-12 education is not local control. Good state standards—not to be confused with the Common Core standards—as guidance are fine. Testing criteria as guidance is fine. The choice should be at the local school board on what and how to educate their K-12 students.


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