Jan 17

DTP president’s update – January 17, 2015

DTP president's updateBeing frustrated but silent changes nothing!

How many times have you wanted to throw something at the TV or changed the channel because you couldn’t listen anymore? Probably too many times to count in recent years. So what are …

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Jan 28

Take time to watch the History Channel’s 3-night series: Sons of Liberty

We the People 500

American liberty did not just happen—liberty activists MADE IT HAPPEN! Starting tonight, the History Channel tells the story in a dramatic interpretation of what and who made us Americans—the original TEA Party Movement! They lived, as we do today, …

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Jan 28

Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch appears to be Eric Holder II


Loretta Lynch

President Obama’s nominee for Attorney General to replace Eric Holder began her confirmation testimony this morning before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Clearly experienced as a federal prosecutor and very articulate, Ms. Loretta Lynch artfully evaded answers that …

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Jan 27

What did Ben Carson say in Iowa that every American should embrace?

DTP Ben Carson 20150128

Soon-to-be Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson ended his recent Iowa speech with a very noteworthy observation. Referring to the end of every stanza of our national anthem, “O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave”, …

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Jan 27

Kasich calls Common Core opposition hysterical

Kasich HystericalLast week Governor Kasich went on the attack, calling mother and fathers who oppose Common Core hysterical and calling politicians who oppose Common Core liars.

In an interview with the Blaze,

Ohio Gov. John Kasich believes opposition to the

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Jan 26

New U.S. EPA Rules Will Crush Ohio Recovery

The U.S. EPA recently proposed two crushing sets of regulations—the Clean Power Plan aims to reduce CO2 emissions, while the other is a plan for ozone reduction. There are four major issues with these plans that should concern all Ohioans: …

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Jan 25

Mon-Tue—4 Hillsdale online speeches on how Americans are impacted by journalism

Monday, January 26, 4 PM

Hillsdale College presents Tim Groseclose, George Mason University; author of Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind will speak on “Does Media Bias Matter?” Watch it on YouTube by clicking …

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