Oct 08

PARCC can’t explain how they derived test scoring levels

PARCC_LOGOLast week the cut scores for Ohio’s 2014-15 PARCC assessments were announced. While many articles have focused on the different PARCC scoring levels selected in Ohio as compared to other states like Illinois and New York, all have ignored the…

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Oct 07

Ohio files suit against Toledo marijuana law

Photo by Maggie Thurber

POT LAWSUIT: Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Kevin Pituch, from the county prosecutor’s office, announce their lawsuit against Toledo’s new marijuana law.

Certain provisions in Toledo’s recently passed “Sensible Marijuana Ordinance” violate state law and the Ohio constitution, the …

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Oct 07

If we split, we lose – Would you be willing to unite behind one candidate?

Q1_TOTAL_SEPAlmost 60 Ohio conservative groups have been participating in a program that allows their members to talk to each other regarding the subject of “Uniting around one candidate”. Although the Primary election is still months away,  Ohios conservatives understand if…

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Oct 07

Your County Central Committee representatives, who are they

Meeting_44588216_sFor the last few months,  the folks at the Ohio Precinct Project have been traveling around Ohio, conducting regional workshops on the importance of the county central committee, and what you need to do to run for your central committee.…

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Oct 06

3 ISSUES … How Do You Vote?

DistrictMapSenateA Printable PDF Overview is available at the end of this article Issue 1   Ohio Bipartisan Redistricting Commission Amendment The Ohio Bipartisan Redistricting Commission Amendment, Issue 1 is on the November 3, 2015 ballot in Ohio as a legislatively referred…

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Oct 05

Ohio Gov. Kasich wants steeper ‘green energy’ mandates

Photo: State of Ohio

MANDATE MAN: Gov. John Kasich wants to ratchet up Ohio’s green energy mandates

Ohio lawmakers looking to extend a freeze on state “green energy” mandates will have to find a way past Gov. John Kasich.

Kasich immediately shot down as …

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Oct 01

Are you considering a run for Ohio Senate

DistrictMapSenateAccording to Your Name On the Ballot,  there are 16 Ohio Senate seats (even number districts) up for grabs in the 2016 elections. There are 33 Senate districts in Ohio, with 4 year terms. Odd number districts are voted on…

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Oct 01

Ohio House Passes Health Care Compact

hc_logoCOLUMBUS—During today’s session, the Ohio House of Representatives passed legislation that, with approval from Congress, would give Ohio more freedom and flexibility over its healthcare policies. House Bill 34, sponsored by Rep. Retherford and Rep. Boose, ratifies the Health Care…

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Oct 01

Cities’ Rental Licensing and Inspection Requirements Unconstitutional

1851Columbus, OH – The Southern District of Ohio today ruled that the City of Portsmouth’s occupational licensing requirements imposed upon landlords – – rental property inspections and licensing fees – – violates the Fourth Amendment to the United State Constitution.…

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Sep 30

Taxpayers fleeing Ohio, IRS report shows

Watchdog graphic

EXODUS: Ohio had a net loss of over 33,000 federal taxpayers and their families as a result of migration between states in 2011 and 2012


During Gov. John Kasich’s first two years in office, state-to-state migration shrank Ohio’s economy …

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Sep 28

Tom Zawistowski, “We the People” at MVCI Meeting Monday October 5, 2015

MVCI logo

Dynamic Ohio TEA party leader Tom Zawistowski will speak on “We the People” at a Miami Valley Citizens Informed (MVCI) Meeting Monday October 5, 2015, from 7 to 8:30 PM at Washington Heights Baptist Church, 5650 Far Hills Avenue, …

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Sep 28

Ohio Precinct Project announces “Rally to Recruit”

ohioRisingLogoHello everyone, The Ohio Precinct Project announced today it will be holding a statewide ‘Rally to Recruit’ on Saturday, October 31st at the Columbus Convention Center from 11AM – 2PM. Register at this link. For counties with central committee elections…

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Sep 28

YMCA seeks exemption from Ohio sales tax

By Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog


EXEMPT: Two legislators want to exempt the YMCA and other non-profits from charging Ohio’s sales tax on gym memberships

Two Ohio lawmakers want to eliminate sales taxes from YMCA memberships.

Rep. Jim Buchy

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Sep 28

Are Ohio’s food stamp work requirements racist?

Photo: Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

SNAP: Some, but not all, Ohioans on food stamps through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program are subject to work requirements


Welfare spending advocates are up in arms over Ohio’s use of food stamp work requirement waivers, calling the waivers …

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Sep 25

Matt Lynch Welcomes Resignation of Speaker Boehner

MattLynchMatt Lynch Welcomes Resignation of Speaker Boehner Warns the Establishment to Respect Conservatives Cleveland, OH – John Boehner announced today that he would step down as Speaker. Matt Lynch, Candidate for Congress in the Ohio 14th District, said “While some…

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Sep 25

Winteregg elated at the news that John Boehner is resigning.

winteregg(Troy, OH) – In the wake of the announcement that Speaker John Boehner will be resigning, JD Winteregg has released this statement: “Like most other conservatives, Americans, and Ohioans, I was elated when I heard the news that John Boehner…

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Sep 24

Three cheers for Mandel: Local government gets more transparent


Josh Mandel

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel deserves a standing ovation today for announcing that his effort to bring financial transparency to government is expanding to local governments and school boards.

The scope of what Mandel is trying to do …

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Sep 23

Ohio unemployment rate doesn’t tell real story

Ohio Department of Job & Family Services

PARTIAL PICTURE: Ohio’s unemployment rate continues to decline, but only because so many people are no longer counted as part of the workforce.

In Ohio, the general tone of the headlines on stories about the August unemployment rate was positive, …

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Sep 23

Ohio economy falling behind right-to-work neighbor Michigan

Photo credit: State of Ohio

FALLING BEHIND: Under Gov. John Kasich, Ohio’s job-creation rate has lagged behind its right-to-work neighbors.

For years, Ohio’s ability to outperform Michigan’s long-term job growth has been a silver lining around a cloudy Ohio economic recovery. No longer.

From Jan. …

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Sep 22

Ed Meese to honor Bill Batchelder on October 7


Please join us for a dinner to celebrate the inauguration of the Honorable William G. Batchelder III as our Edwin Meese III Distinguished Fellow. This event has limited seating available, and is not designed to be a huge gala.  …

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Sep 21

GOP Debate Poll: 81% Unhappy with Party Leadership

Here are the results of our statewide 2nd GOP Presidential Debate survey.

Which candidate do you think won the debate?


Carly Fiorina  36.9%
Donald Trump  17.8%
Marco Rubio  14.2%
Ted Cruz  8.6%
Ben Carson  7.5%
John Kasich  6.1%
Rand Paul  …

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Sep 21

Ohio Medicaid spending is skyrocketing under Gov. Kasich

Part 18 of 18 in the series Ohio's Obamacare expansion
Photo credit: State of Ohio

UP, UP, UP: Gov. John Kasich has sharply increased Medicaid spending in Ohio.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s presidential poll numbers may not be climbing much, but Ohio’s Medicaid costs certainly …

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Sep 19

YAF Midwest Freedom Conference October 2-3, Columbus, Ohio – Students Only $20!



Young America’s Foundation is presenting the Midwest Freedom Conference on October 2-3 in Columbus, Ohio. This is a GREAT opportunity to educate students about Conservative truths that are so critical to the survival of their freedoms. The cost …

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Sep 17

Ohio Supreme Court orders re-write of marijuana amendment

By Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog


WIN: The Ohio Supreme Court agreed with ResponsibleOhio, that State Issue 3 language legalizing marijuana was misleading and should be re-written.

The Ohio Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled language for a proposed constitutional …

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Sep 17

Governor Kasich and Attorney General DeWine Fight Obama EPA Overreach

On August 28, 2015, Governor Kasich asked President Obama to delay the U.S. EPA’s Clean Power Plan that will surely cripple Ohio’s economy. Mr. Kasich’s letter to the White House followed Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s decision to join …

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Sep 16

Three-fourths of Ohio Obamacare enrollees are on Medicaid

Part 17 of 17 in the series Ohio's Obamacare expansion
Photo credit: State of Ohio

OBAMACARE IMPLEMENTER: Gov. John Kasich’s decision to opt in to Medicaid expansion is responsible for 76 percent of Ohio’s Obamacare enrollment

For every Ohioan who has paid an Obamacare exchange …

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Sep 15

Ohio Conservative Review 2015-09-15 13:23:25

We Can Honor the Grassroots Money and the Constitution as We Reform Campaign Finance

Campaign finance reform. This phrase seems to have become synonymous with progressive policies like top-down government mandates and financial restrictions. It’s time to change that.


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Sep 14

First Republican Debate: Some Who Missed the “First Cut” Are Actually a “Cut Above”

[RELATED on OCR: First Republican Debate: Second Session or “Top Ten”]

Fox News moderated the first televised Republican “debate” of the 2016 Presidential campaign in two segments on August 6, 2015.   (Debate is in quotes because the number of contestants …

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Sep 14

First Republican Debate: Second Session or “Top Ten”

Fox News moderated the first Republican debate, or perhaps “group interview,” on August 6, 2015.  The session prior to this one was for those seven declared candidates who were not in the Top Ten of likely voters in five recent

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Sep 14

Ohio earns praise for cleaning up voter rolls

By Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog

Ohio Secretary of State

SUCCESS: Ohio’s efforts to clean up voter registration rolls have earned praise from the group that sued the state in 2012 over the issue.

A group that once sued Ohio now lauds the …

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Sep 10

Most rallies make no difference

A little tough love for my friends in the movement…

See this photo?

Millions were on hand to rally against the passage of Obamacare when it was taken. Some of you may have even been there. Yesterday’s rally in DC …

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Sep 09

Learn how Ohio’s Online Checkbook Can Provide Government Transparency – Meeting September 14

MVCI logo

MVCI, together with SMCLG, NMCLG, and GCTP, will be meeting together to learn about Ohio’s Online Checkbook.   Mr. Spencer Gross, a representative of Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel’s office, will teach us how to navigate and use the Online

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Sep 08

Ben Carson — In Dayton — September 22nd!

Ben_Carson to Dayton 320 x 320Dayton Right to Life is hosting a phenomenal event with pro-life Dr. Ben Carson at the University of Dayton Arena September 22, 2015.  Dr. Carson was a world-class surgeon, author of several books, and now a highly rated Republican

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Sep 07

Labor Reforms for Labor Day

Labor Reforms for Labor Day

September 7th is Labor Day, a holiday commemorating the American worker’s contribution to American prosperity and growth.  Unfortunately, Ohio workers today face limited opportunity and freedom. The Buckeye Institute is committed to labor reforms …

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Sep 02

New website aims to spur voting in Ohio judicial races

Sponsors of a new website hope more information about judges, and Ohio courts in general, will result in more ballots cast in Ohio judicial races.


VOTING: The goal of a new website is to provide information and get more voters

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Aug 31

Webinar: How Central Committee will save Ohio

Momentum is building all over Ohio to take the parties back by taking back central committees. Ohio Precinct Project had one of its best trainings ever this weekend in Ravenna, OH (pictures).
You are invited to attend a

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Aug 25

Perry vs. Kasich on Medicaid expansion


RETORT: Gov. John Kasich’s response to criticism over his Medicaid expansion by former Texas Gov. Rick Perry was the equivalent of a child’s “but he did it too” excuse.

When former Texas Gov. Rick Perry directly attacked Ohio Gov. John

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Aug 24

Ohio unions march for mandatory union dues

Ohio Watchdog photo

SHOW OF FORCE: Ohio AFL-CIO bused union protesters to a Columbus rally as a show of force against letting workers opt out of paying unions

By Jason Hart | Ohio Watchdog

Ohio looks unlikely to become the nation’s 26th right-to-work …

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Aug 21

Union worker deposition requires ‘willing suspension of disbelief’

By Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog


EDUCATIONAL: Jonathan White of Cincinnatians for Jobs Now, insists in a deposition that this flyer is educational, not advocacy.

Just one month before the 2013 elections, Cincinnatians for Jobs Now was spending hundreds …

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Aug 21

Across Ohio, public employees are forced to pay labor unions

Photo: City of Findlay

UNION CASH COW: The City of Findlay is one of 623 Ohio public employers funneling mandatory fees from some of its workers directly into union coffers

By Jason Hart | Ohio Watchdog

If you want to work in state or …

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Aug 19

Ohio rep makes another attempt to repeal prevailing wage law

By Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog

Dan Rogers via Ohio Public Works Commission

REPEAL: Rep. Ron Hood wants to repeal Ohio’s prevailing wage law that governs how much workers on public construction projects get paid.

Rep. Ron Hood is trying to repeal Ohio’s prevailing wage law. …

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Aug 17

Ohio lawmaker optimistic state can pass right-to-work law

By Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog

National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation

SURROUNDED:  With legislation pending in Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia, Rep. Tom Brinkman says Ohio will soon be surrounded by right-to-work states.

Citing Gov. John Kasich’s opposition, some legislators have given up …

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Aug 17

Ohio’s dependence on Medicaid is the worst in the Midwest

Part 16 of 16 in the series Ohio's Obamacare expansion

By Jason Hart | Ohio Watchdog

Thanks to Gov. John Kasich’s Obamacare expansion, Ohio has the highest rate of Medicaid enrollment in the Midwest.

One out of four Ohioans is …

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Aug 14

Dayton Night to Honor Israel August 30 at the Schuster Center

Night to Honor Israel Dayton_Ohio_Aug._30th image You can help support Israel and the Jewish people in these difficult times! Many people are concerned about tensions between the Obama administration and Israel. Many are also convinced that the Obama-Iran nuclear deal presents major risks to

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Aug 10

Ohio Takes the Right Stance On Clean Power Plan

The Obama administration is offering states a bait-and-switch with its “Clean Power Plan” for power plant carbon dioxide emissions. Fortunately, the Kasich administration appears to be refusing the bait and fighting back against this federal power grab.

The Buckeye Institute …

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Aug 10

GOP Debate Poll: 23.1% Changed Which Candidate They Now Support

Here are the results of our August poll on the first GOP Debate.

Which Candidate do you think won the debate?


25% Ted Cruz
23% Donald Trump
16% Marco Rubio
15% Ben Carson
7.6% John Kasich
5.5% Mike Huckabee
4.5% …

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Aug 07

New EPA regs mean higher energy costs for Ohio

By Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog

Americans Action Forum

GOALS: New carbon dioxide regulations call for Ohio to reduce its emissions by 37 percent.

New U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations designed to address climate change could mean more plant closings and job …

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Aug 04

Christie squeezes into GOP prime-time debate


AP Photo/Mel Evans

HE MADE IT: Gov. Chris Christie is one of 10 GOP candidates in Thursday’s prime-time debate


By Mark Lagerkvist | New Jersey Watchdog

Chris Christie squeezed his way into the prime-time Republican presidential debate on Fox, but it …

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Aug 04

Central Committee 101 – A video disscussion

Ohio Rising did a Google Hangout on Air with the members of the Ohio Precinct Project, talking about the most important tool we have in the fight to change the political climate in Ohio and in the country, Central Committee. …

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Aug 03

Protect Religious Freedom with SMCLG on August 10

South Mont Co Liberty Group

Come and learn how we can protect our Religious Freedom at the Monday, August 10, meeting of the South Montgomery County Liberty Group. The special speaker will be Adam Josefczyk, and the meeting will be held at 7:00 …

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Aug 03

Gov. Kasich has a $14 billion Obamacare problem

Image: CNN

NOT BUYING IT: Jake Tapper of CNN is not sold on Gov. John Kasich’s Obamacare expansion spin

By Jason Hart | Ohio Watchdog

Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s habit of telling voters “Ohio money” pays for his Obamacare Medicaid expansion is …

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Jul 31

Watchdog Podcast: Which governor-turned-presidential-candidate has the best shot?

By Eric Boehm | Watchdog Radio

Governors — current and former — seem to have something of a built-in advantage when it comes to running for president. Seventeen presidents, including four of the past six men to sit in the

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Jul 31

In the dark: Ohio sunshine committee hasn’t met, and no one can make it

Photo credit: State of Ohio

NO WORD: When will Gov. John Kasich make appointments to the sunshine committee, especially with his busy travel schedule as he campaigns across the nation for president?

By Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog

Ohio’s Sunshine Review Committee hasn’t met, …

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Jul 30

Toledo officials should have known better

By Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog

Data from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

TOLEDO EMPLOYMENT: The City of Toledo budget estimates are based on a decline in the unemployment rate, but actual employment numbers conflict with the rosy outlook.

Toledo officials announced last week they were …

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Jul 28

Ohio review committee could kill useless boards — if it ever meets

By Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog


PUSHBACK: Sen. Kris Jordan, a member of the Sunset Review Committee received pushback from his own caucus when he tried to eliminate and consolidate boards during the budget process.

Ohio has both a …

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Jul 27

Nanny State of the Week: Vague nuisance laws let officials mandate mowing

Part 49 of 49 in the series Nanny State of the Week

By Eric Boehm | Watchdog.org

Citing vague and ill-defined nuisance laws, officials in St. Alban’s Township, Ohio, are trying to make two residents to mow their lawn and …

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Jul 24

GCTP Hosts Dr. Mark Smith — 28 Jul 2015

We the People?
How We Lost Our Constitution and How We Can Get it Back
Dr Mark Smith 
Tuesday, July 28, 2015, 6:30 PM at Xenia Community Center

The Constitution is the heart of our government. It defines powers,

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Jul 24

Gov. Kasich’s Obamacare Roadshow returns to New Hampshire

Part 11 of 11 in the series Kasich's Obamacare Roadshow
Photo credit: C-SPAN

GETTING DIZZY? Ohio Gov. John Kasich spins his support for Obamacare expansion at a New Hampshire town hall meeting

By Jason Hart | Ohio Watchdog

Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s presidential …

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Jul 23

Ohio bill would ban schools from challenging property tax values

By Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog

Ohio Senate

FAIRNESS: Sen. Bill Coley says his bill to prohibit schools and other governmental units from challenging property tax valuations is about bringing fairness to the valuation process

New bill, same language: Property owners …

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Jul 23

Ohio Gov. Kasich’s presidential campaign a hit with MSNBC hosts

Photo: YouTube

HEARTS AND MINDS: On Tuesday, left-wing MSNBC host Chris Matthews rattled off a list of reasons he likes Republican Gov. John Kasich

By Jason Hart | Watchdog.org

It may be tough for Ohio Gov. John Kasich to make headway in …

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Jul 21

Ohio Gov. John Kasich Begins Presidential Campaign

061115_2300_GovJohnKasi1.pngOhio Gov. John Kasich officially began his campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination at Ohio State University today, July 21, before a crowd of several thousand people. He becomes the sixteenth Republican candidate seeking the nomination.
He spoke …

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Jul 21

Nearly 11,000 New Local Government Jobs Undermine Doomy Predictions

You wouldn’t know it by reading headlines like “Starving Cities,” but local government employment is actually on an upswing in Ohio.   In fact, according to the latest job numbers released by the Ohio Department of Job and Family …

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Jul 21

The Buckeye Institute Defends Your Electric Bill from Price Surges

The Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions announced on Monday, July 20, the release of its latest report, “Power to the People: Repeal Ohio’s Counterproductive Energy Policies.” Buckeye’s Statehouse Liaison Greg R. Lawson also testified to a special legislative committee …

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Jul 21

Join us Monday for our first live Google Hangout

OPP_Logo_2Join Ohio Rising as we present the members of the Ohio Precinct project in our first every live Google Hangout on Air. Ohio Precinct Project is currently touring the state to teach people about the power and importance of Central …

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Jul 21

Value of the Benjamins: Tax group says Ohio should reconsider minimum wage policy


Tax Foundation

MORE MONEY: Your money goes further in Ohio so spending $100 is really like spending $112.

By Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog

A tax expert says Ohio lawmakers should consider the implications of how far a dollar stretches …

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Jul 21

If Gov. Kasich is on the Republican ticket, Obamacare repeal is off the table

Photo credit: YouTube

COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATISM 2.0: Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s presidential platform is built on Obamacare expansion

By Jason Hart | Watchdog.org

Republicans can forget about campaigning against Obamacare in 2016 if Ohio Gov. John Kasich is on the party’s presidential ticket.

Conventional …

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Jul 20

New Bill in Congress to Protect Religious Liberty


In the wake of the disastrous Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage, conservatives are concerned that the Federal government will attempt to coerce faith-based schools, organizations, or individuals to change their positions on marriage. The First Amendment Defense Act

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Jul 20

Krisanne Hall in Ohio

971a26acd4b2a4ef02648f64c82a9689Krisanne Hall, nationally known attorney and Constitutional lecturer will  be in Ohio to present her Roots of Liberty Seminar on August 15th. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about how our nation was founded. The presentation takes you …

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Jul 20

Ohio Precinct Project Central Committee Trainings

Ohio FlagOur country needs better political leadership.

  • Have you ever been to an election and not liked the choices?
  • Are you disappointed and frustrated by seeing the same “establishment” candidates on the ballot over and over again?
  • Are you tired of

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Jul 17

Education week-in-review: A billion short and millions for a union-backed course

By Paul Brennan | Watchdog.org

From Pennsylvania, where some school districts have missed out on more than $1 billion, to California, where a new course is costing millions, it’s been an interesting week in education news.

Watchdog.org has covered it …

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Jul 17

Ohio government spending is up $4.6 billion in 4 years

By Jason Hart | Ohio Watchdog

Another state fiscal year is in the books, and the numbers don’t lie: Ohio Gov. John Kasich is a big spender.

Ohio General Revenue Fund spending was $4.6 billion greater in 2015 than in …

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Jul 14

5 Commonsense Steps Toward Ohio’s Economic Leadership

At the turn of the 20th Century, my great-great grandfather was the village blacksmith in my hometown of Cardington. He worked hard to support his family and serve our community. He, and millions like him across our state, was part …

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Jul 14

Ohio’s fight over Common Core, local control heats up

Photo credit: Ohio House

BALANCE OF POWER: Ohio Rep. Andy Thompson wants to give local school districts more control over standards and testing

By Jason Hart | Ohio Watchdog

Ohio has dropped its Common Core testing provider, but critics aren’t done fighting the math …

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Jul 14

New voter ID bill for Ohio in lawmakers’ hands

By Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog

Ohio House of Representatives

VOTER ID: A local tea party group is pushing to implement Rep. Andrew Brenner’s proposed voter ID law.

A new voter ID bill sits in the Ohio General Assembly, and a tea …

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Jul 10

Gay marriage, sanctuary cities raise question of double standard

By Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog

Toledo Municipal Court

GAY MARRIAGE: Toledo Municipal Court Judge C. Allen McConnell’s refusal to perform a gay marriage, resulted in calls for his removal from the bench.

Toledo Municipal Court Judge C. Allen McConnell refused to …

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Jul 10

Ohio’s Obamacare expansion has cost $4 billion

Part 14 of 15 in the series Ohio's Obamacare expansion

By Jason Hart | Ohio Watchdog

Expanding Medicaid to working-age Ohioans with no kids and no disabilities was supposed to cost $2.56 billion in its first year and a half.…

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Jul 08

Marriage Isn’t about ‘I Do,’ It’s about ‘Says Who’

Every controversy, every disagreement and every schoolyard brouhaha comes down to one simple question: Says Who? The entire issue that has filled the headlines, sound bites and featured stories the last two weeks can be boiled down to the same …

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Jul 07

Supreme Court Disasters


Many people are looking at the recent Supreme Court decisions about ObamaCare and same-sex marriage in terms of whether they think these are good or bad policies. But there is a deeper and more long-lasting impact of these decisions

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Jul 07

Unfunded Liabilities Undermine Budget Progress

Ohio’s new budget is a step in the right direction, but without pension reform this progress will be for nothing. A recent index of state budget solvency from the Mercatus Center provides a stark illustration of the need for reform. …

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Jul 05

State Rep Jim Butler to Speak on Education Reform and Medicaid in Kettering on July 13

South Mont Co Liberty Group

State Representative Jim Butler will be the speaker for the July meeting of South Montgomery County Liberty Group (SMCLG). Rep Butler will discuss his ideas on legislation to reform education and Medicaid in Ohio. The meeting will be held …

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Jul 03

The big bang theory? PA senators want to legalize fireworks for state residents

By Rachel Martin | Watchdog.org

PITTSBURGH — Saying “you can’t legislate against stupidity,” three Pennsylvania senators say they’ll introduce a bill to allow state residents to buy fireworks again.

Photo by Rachel Martin


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Jul 02

Ohio looks to be a pioneer in health care price transparency

Photo credit: Ohio House

DEMANDING TRANSPARENCY: A new state law proposed by Ohio Rep. Jim Butler will require cost disclosure for non-emergency health care

By Jason Hart | Ohio Watchdog

Jaw-dropping bills for routine medical care will be a thing of the past for …

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Jul 01

Ohio bill would regulate Uber, Lyft

By Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog

Uber photo

REGULATED: Uber is unregulated in Ohio and that must be addressed according to the sponsor of a ride-sharing bill making its way through the Ohio General Assembly.

The Ohio General Assembly may decide …

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Jun 30

How to Respond to Judicial Activism from the Supreme Court on Marriage, by Ryan T. Anderson


On June 26, by a narrow 5-4 decision, all state laws supporting traditional marriage were declared invalid by an activist Supreme Court. How should we react to such a terrible decision? For one thing, we should be reminded of …

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Jun 30

With great pork should come great transparency

By Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog


PORK: Ohio’s new biennial budget contains millions in pork spending, but can taxpayers tell how it got there?

The Boys & Girls Club of Massillon will reap $100,000. Big Brothers Big Sisters of …

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Jun 29

Franklin Graham Warns Gay Marriage Ruling Will Lead To Christian Persecution


Many are alarmed at the June 26 Supreme Court ruling legalizing “gay marriage” throughout the United States, seeing the decision as a massive abuse of judicial power which tramples on the rights of millions of Americans who believe in …

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Jun 28

Protecting Bad Bureaucrats or Serving America’s Veterans?

090424-N-3271W-021 VAN METER, Iowa (April 24, 2009) More than 500 veterans who escorted the unclaimed remains of seven Iowa veterans to their final resting place at the Iowa Veterans Cemetery line the procession route with American flags after providing a motorcycle escort for the remains. The ceremony coincided with Des Moines Navy Week, one of 22 Navy Weeks planned across America in 2009. Navy Weeks are designed to show Americans the investment they have made in their Navy and increase awareness in cities that do not have a significant Navy presence. (U.S. Navy photo by Senior Chief Mass Communication Specialist Gary Ward/Released)

Our government bureaucracy continues to increase. Hiring more federal employees to solve problems doesn’t work, it appears to result in increasing regulation, increased cost and  reduced efficiency. The replacement of the VA head and the firing of one complicit …

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Jun 26

Jon Stewart’s Rosewater: Tyranny by any other name is just as evil, Commentary by Tony Corvo

Tyranny vs Freedom with Flag Tony Corvo

America has become politically, legally, academically, and culturally, a center-left nation. And by center-left, I’m not referring to some romantic view of liberté, égalité, and fraternité but rather what liberalism has morphed into: a Frankenstein monster that demands government …

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Jun 26

Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s Obamacare Roadshow hits Iowa

Part 10 of 10 in the series Kasich's Obamacare Roadshow
Photo credit: State of Ohio

ON THE ROAD, AGAIN: Ohio Gov. John Kasich defended Obamacare during a campaign stop in Iowa this week

By Jason Hart | Ohio Watchdog

Embrace Obamacare, or throw the mentally …

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Jun 26

As Ohio renewable debate rages, study predicts electricity hit of $1.92 billion by 2026

Photo by: Shutterstock

OHIO POWER: One year ago the Buckeye State became the first in the nation to freeze its renewable portfolio standard.

By Rob Nikolewski│Watchdog.org

The renewable mandates in Ohio may be in a state of suspended animation, but the debate isn’t …

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Jun 25

The Buckeye Institute’s Statement on King v. Burwell

Statement from Robert Alt, President and CEO of The Buckeye Institute:

“The Supreme Court decision today is disappointing because the Court rewrote the law to say what it does not.  The problems of the Affordable Care Act remain, which include …

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Jun 25

SCOTUScare is law, what you can do about it

Obamacare 2The Supreme Court has upheld Obamacare with its decision in the King v Burwell case. This is a sad day for America. In all the frustration, there is a bit of light. There is something we can do in reaction …

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Jun 25

Ohio budget: Traffic cameras must go, smokers pay more, bureaucrats make more

By Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog

Derek Jensen

PENALIZED: Cities that insist on keeping traffic cameras are penalized in Ohio’s budget bill.

Ohioans and small business owners will see an income tax cut, smokers will pay more for a pack of …

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Jun 24

Local tax hikes in Ohio’s budget bill

By Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog

Jeremy Thompson from United States of America

LODGING TAX: A provision in Ohio’s budget bill means that overnight visitors to Cedar Point, which bills itself “The Roller Coaster Capital of the World,” could pay an additional lodging tax to help

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Jun 24

Democrats keep campaigning on debunked gender pay gap

Photo credit: U.S. Senate

PAY GAP FLAP: Sen. Sherrod Brown and other Democrats are trying to stoke outrage using a debunked gender pay gap statistic

By Jason Hart | Watchdog.org

Women aren’t really paid 23 percent less than men for the same work, but …

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Jun 19

Ohio’s budget Senate version

Ohio Budget Senate VersionThey didn’t address Common Core, labor reform or Medicaid Expansion, but they have a plan to spend a whole lot of our money.

The Ohio Senate passed their version of the budget yesterday. They now move into conference committee with …

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Jun 18

Federal overregulation and Ohio’s electricity market, Part II: Harming consumers and the economy

Just like Ohio’s state renewable energy mandate, federal power plant emission regulations drive up electricity costs and risk reliability by directly interfering with the state energy market. The coal plants that are being closed generally cost somewhat more to operate …

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Jun 18

Kasich will sign pure caffeine, powdered alcohol ban

By Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog


BANNED: Ohio Gov. John Kasich is expected to sign a bill that bans powdered alcohol and pure caffeine products in the state.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is poised to sign a ban on …

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Jun 18

Obamacare roadshow: Ohio Gov. John Kasich talks up ACA in North Carolina

Part 9 of 9 in the series Kasich's Obamacare Roadshow
Photo credit: Time Warner Cable News

STILL AT IT: Ohio Gov. John Kasich defended his support for Obamacare during a June 15 interview in North Carolina

By Jason Hart | Ohio Watchdog

Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s …

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Jun 17

Medicaid changes could hurt severely disabled Ohioans

Photo credit: Disability Advocacy Alliance

INTERMEDIATE CARE RESIDENT: Taylor’s respiratory needs require 24-hour nursing care that could be threatened by proposed Ohio Medicaid changes

By Jason Hart | Ohio Watchdog

Family members of developmentally disabled Ohioans are warning against state efforts to shrink Medicaid-funded residential …

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