Aug 27

Common Core news: La Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) sues feds to get rid of Common Core

La Gov. Bobby Jindal

La Gov. Bobby Jindal

Demonstrating a clear recognition of the harm being brought by the Common Core K-12 educations standards, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal today sued the Obama administration in federal court to get rid his state of this ultra-liberal educational plague. Meanwhile, back in Ohio, Gov. John Kasich continues—as of last Tuesday in Beavercreek—to support Common Core and the Ohio Republican leaders of the Ohio legislature now (apparently) plan to take the next three months to get around to taking a vote on the repeal bill (HB 597) boldly reintroduced just a couple of weeks ago with great fanfare.

Conservative leadership is where you find it, folks; not where it is just splashed across the TV screen in slick political ads or implied in emails. Remember, politics is all about WHO rules you and HOW they rule you.

Aug 27

New “Documents of Liberty” free online course linked from Resources tab on main menu

Only informed voters 500

Documents of Freedom online course link

Aug 27

Reminder: Mr. K. Carl Smith coming to Dayton in two weeks; get your reservations in

K Carl Smith GDWRC 500 2

We are now about two weeks out from the visit by Mr. K. Carl Smith to the Dayton area for two special events hosted by the Greater Dayton Women’s Republican Club. Mr. Smith’s message on conservative outreach to the minority community is very timely. He is an excellent speaker, using the life history of American abolitionist and President Lincoln’s fellow Republican, Frederick Douglass, as the basis for this conservative messaging.

The following flyer contains the details on where to make your reservations. Don’t miss this event.

GDWRC K Carl Smith program flyer 500


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Aug 27

Public Polling and Statehouse Activity All Point To Rough Waters Ahead for Common Core

images-14The 46th annual PDK International/Gallup Poll on the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools was released last week, and for Common Core opponents, there’s good news – your message is resonating.  Here are some key findings from the poll: In 2013, the PDK/Galllup poll found that 62% of Americans had never heard of Common Core.  But in 2014, 81% of Americans had heard about Common Core, with 47% indicating they know “a great deal or […]

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Aug 26

Documents of Freedom: New Online Civics Course

Unknown-5A column by Eugene Volokh in the Washington Post announces that the Bill of Rights Institute has developed a free on-line civics course titled Documents of Freedom.  The course covers history, government, and economics. Volokh writes, “The course builds on excerpts from over 100 primary sources, including the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers, presidential speeches, Supreme Court cases, and the Founding documents; and it offers an extensive set of original essays, focusing on principles such as […]

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Aug 26

Commentary: Informed voters must be wary of the “magic” in today’s political theater

Commentary 500Many TV shows over the years have exposed the secrets of famous magic tricks. Typically, the shows would show a short tease of the trick, then show the trick from the perspective of the audience, and, finally, show the trick from the perspective of standing behind the curtain, thus exposing the “secrets”. Often, the simplicity of the trick is what is really the big reveal.


Harry Houdini 1899

A magic trick is deception by misdirection or obscuration created by the controlled viewing angle of the audience. The famous Harry Houdini was wonderful at creating a false impression that raised the audience’s angst that harm must certainly befall him only to emerge safe from certain death. How could anyone escape from all of those locks? Especially, if being held upside down underwater or locked into a truck thrown in the river? The audience’s “common sense” view of the world opened the door for the magic to take place by using fake locks, chains, lock picks, and the other craft of the trade.

Politics has become an alarming “magic” show of misdirection and obscuration

In politics, misdirection and obscuration are used to blind the voter from the real closed-door actions being taken to achieve often hidden political goals. As our recent political history should now make abundantly clear to everyone concerned about their liberty, misdirection and obscuration abound among the establishment leadership of both political parties in Ohio. They seek control of you and use misdirection and obscuration as the standard modus operandi to achieve and maintain political control. How do voters counter this? Drop the pretense of naiveté and act on the recognition that politics is all about WHO rules you and HOW they rule you.

Journalists are no longer the “police” in our political system

For politics, investigative journalism carried our freedom-loving society’s burden of pulling back the curtains of politics to expose the misdirection and obscuration. This role has largely vanished. Instead. voters now carry this responsibility directly. We must expose the misdirection and obscuration and the cronyism and abuse of power it brings. It is time to metaphorically step out of the audience of the magical political theater, step behind the curtains, and closely observe and question what goes on in the very real, hidden world of our political parties. Take nothing at face value that you see in the media or receive from the political parties. It has been prepared for the audience of today’s political theater.

Voter grassroots empowerment is now coming to the forefront for the 2016 primary

It is now very important for voters to recognize that they own the ultimate power in American politics—their votes. Your vote is NOT owed to any candidate or party. They must be earned! Hence, by pulling back the curtains shielding the establishment party leaders from close examination, voters can become informed and, thus, knowingly make change by electing new folks better reflecting your core values. This will bring representative governments of integrity as our Founding Fathers intended through the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights. 

While this may sound like pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking, exactly how this can be undertaken is actually readily apparent and now beginning. It is, however, something only the TEA Party movement can now deliver since voters can generally no longer count on journalists doing their jobs.


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Mike Snead

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Greene County TEA Party.

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