Jul 01

House Freedom Caucus Chair Jim Jordon comments on expiration of E-I bank.

JimJordon_101House Freedom Caucus Chairman Jim Jordan made the following comments today regarding the expiration of the Export-Import Bank’s charter: “This is a great day for taxpayers around the country who are fed up with cronyism in Washington. The charter of…

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Jul 01

Ohio Conservatives United release June survey results

Q1_TOTAL_JUNE_2014Toledo, OH. In late April, the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition (NWOCC) launched a unique statewide program that allows Ohio’s conservatives to communicate with each other regarding their choice of conservative Presidential candidates, and their opinion in regards to changing their…

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Jul 01

Springboro Board Approves New Unaffordable Teacher Contract

Dr. Kelly Kohls Springboro OH At a rescheduled meeting on June 4th, the Springboro OH School Board approved a new contract with the Springboro Education Association. The three-year contract provides for base increases of 2%, 2%, and 3% per year.…

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Jul 01

Ohio bill would regulate Uber, Lyft

By Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog

Uber photo

REGULATED: Uber is unregulated in Ohio and that must be addressed according to the sponsor of a ride-sharing bill making its way through the Ohio General Assembly.

The Ohio General Assembly may decide …

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Jun 30

How to Respond to Judicial Activism from the Supreme Court on Marriage, by Ryan T. Anderson


On June 26, by a narrow 5-4 decision, all state laws supporting traditional marriage were declared invalid by an activist Supreme Court. How should we react to such a terrible decision? For one thing, we should be reminded of …

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Jun 30

With great pork should come great transparency

By Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog


PORK: Ohio’s new biennial budget contains millions in pork spending, but can taxpayers tell how it got there?

The Boys & Girls Club of Massillon will reap $100,000. Big Brothers Big Sisters of …

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