Oct 10

DTP now getting ready for 2016—are you with us?

Today, polls show that two-thirds of Americans think our country is headed in the wrong direction. Please read this important message about how the DTP is getting ready for 2016 to help put American back on the right track.

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Oct 29

As Ohio Medicaid Expands, Services for Our Most Vulnerable Citizens Put at Risk

Pop Medicaid ExpansionJason Hart of Watchdog.org keeps up his important coverage of Obamacare Medicaid expansion. He reports Ohio Medicaid’s September case load report shows that expansion enrollment has reached 401,307 – far outpacing the Kasich administration’s low-ball projections of 366,000 by July…

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Oct 29

EPA Rules Will Hit African-Americans Hardest in Ohio

President Obama continuously cites his concern for “income inequality” in America while conveniently avoiding discussion of the “energy insecurity” that will ensue from his proposed carbon regulations. A recent report issued by the Pacific Research Institute (PRI) examined the proposed

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Oct 29

Ohio Business Tax Climate Ranks Poorly in New Tax Foundation Study

With the release of the non-partisan Tax Foundation’s 2015 Business Tax Climate report, a massive spotlight is being shined on the imperative for further, major reform in Ohio. Unfortunately, what shows up under the glaring light at the moment is …

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Oct 28

Kasich Struggles with Conflicting Positions and Images

th-1Governor Kasich got himself into a little hot water over comments he made about Obamacare and Medicaid expansion to the AP. Kasich told the AP that he did not think repeal was going to happen because “political or ideological” opposition…

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Oct 27

Miami Valley Liberty Dispatch – Oct. 27, 2014 edition

DTP featured image MVLD 484 x 252

Oct. 27, 2014 edition: Early voting times and locations; links to sample voting ballots and non-DTP TEA Party endorsements for some races across Ohio; 50th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s 1964 speech; understanding how the establishment/progressive/me-too wing of the Republican

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Oct 27

Medicaid Expansion: More Spending Will Lead to More Taxes

Proponents of Medicaid expansion, including Ohio’s Governor John Kasich, have suggested recently that “[t]he opposition to [Medicaid expansion] was really either political or ideological,” and have claimed that expanding Medicaid has nothing to do with ObamaCare.

As the leading opponent …

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