Jul 04

Declaration of Independance being read at events across Ohio

declaration-facts-wideThis document, the cornerstone of our county, is being read at celebration events across Ohio.  When you hear the words,  ponder what was going on 239 years ago to drive these men to such an extreme that they were willing…

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Jul 03

The big bang theory? PA senators want to legalize fireworks for state residents

By Rachel Martin | Watchdog.org

PITTSBURGH — Saying “you can’t legislate against stupidity,” three Pennsylvania senators say they’ll introduce a bill to allow state residents to buy fireworks again.

Photo by Rachel Martin


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Jul 02

NW Ohio Conservative PAC looking for Democrat to run against Rep Kaptur (OH9)

HelpWanted_KaptyrThis is a change…  Understanding the reality of gerrymandered districts,  the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition says its looking for a moderate/conservative Democrat to run against the liberal Rep Marcy Kaptur (OH9) in the Primary elections. Rep Kaptur has been the…

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Jul 02

Workplace Freedom Amendment volunteers working through the summer.

Ohioans_for_Workplace_FreedomThe Workplace Freedom Amendment is alive and well and cranking up activities for the summer festivities Project Leader Sue Ellen King is asking volunteers to take full advantage of the summers festivals, fairs, and other gatherings to reach a goal…

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Jul 02

Ohio looks to be a pioneer in health care price transparency

Photo credit: Ohio House

DEMANDING TRANSPARENCY: A new state law proposed by Ohio Rep. Jim Butler will require cost disclosure for non-emergency health care

By Jason Hart | Ohio Watchdog

Jaw-dropping bills for routine medical care will be a thing of the past for …

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Jul 01

House Freedom Caucus Chair Jim Jordon comments on expiration of E-I bank.

JimJordon_101House Freedom Caucus Chairman Jim Jordan made the following comments today regarding the expiration of the Export-Import Bank’s charter: “This is a great day for taxpayers around the country who are fed up with cronyism in Washington. The charter of…

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