Feb 23

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DTP 7 PM Update: Bill to get Ohio out of Obamacare by joining interstate Health Care Compact introduced in Ohio House


DTP 7 PM 1-minute update bannerOhioans voted with a substantial majority of 66% to reject Obamacare by amending the Ohio constitution to this effect. The interstate Health Care Compact provides the state legislature with the legal means to do this. A bill to this effect died in the last session of the Ohio legislature. This implied a lack of support by Gov. John Kasich who strongly advocates for a key component of Obamacare—Medicaid Expansion for single, work-able adults without children. Undeterred, State Representatives Retherford and Boose have reintroduced legislation to add Ohio to the list of states wishing to implement this compact. Read this excellent article in the The Sidney Post.

State Rep. Wes Retherford introduces State-based alternative to Obamacare

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