Feb 23

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DTP noon Update: Sen. Rob Portman must uphold his oath of office and not fund illegal or unconstitutional DHS actions


DTP noon update featured imageThis pertains to the U.S. Senate votes this week on funding for the Department of Homeland Security. Funding for DHS expires this Friday. The Senate has before it a House funding bill that specifically does not fund any of the actions regarding the legalization of illegal aliens. Democratic and some R Senators want to fund these actions. Hence, the issue is whether Senators have the constitutional authority to fund what they believe to be illegal or unconstitutional acts of the federal government. What do you think?

Most folks presume that our entire politisphere is just shades of grey—with everything being negotiable. What they fail to recognize, understand, or appreciate is that our Constitution places boundaries on what government actions are in the realm of politics—those legally doable—with all others being lawless tyranny. Just because some politician wants to do something does not automatically make it legally or constitutionally permitted. There are clear boundaries where actions turn from grey to black or, to be clear, lawless or unconstitutional.

In our republican form of government our elected federal representatives to Congress are granted authority, by the consent of the citizens of the United States, to legislate according to the U.S. Constitution. The only power they have is what is granted to them explicitly by the Constitution. They have no power to authorize unconstitutional actions, to make laws that limit explicit constitutional rights, or to appropriate and authorize the expenditure or collection of funds for the purpose of undertaking an unconstitutional or illegal government action. Under the oath of office that each member takes in order to be granted these legislative powers, they have voluntarily and without reservation taken the moral obligation to protect and defend the Constitution. This supersedes all political obligations and all rules of the House and Senate. This means that they must take whatever proactive measures, through their actions and votes, necessary to prevent unconstitutional and illegal actions by all branches of the government. In other words, turning a blind eye or deaf ear to the clear obligations of their oath to protect and defend the Constitution is immoral.

Grassroots Republican voters need to hold their elected federal representatives to these high standards by accepting no excuses as to why, by act or omission, they have failed to meet their oath of office obligations. Politics happens only within the range of legal, constitutional actions so that the outcome is legal and constitutional.

Call Senator Mitch McConnell and tell him what you think: 202-224-2499
Call Senator Rob Portman and tell him what you think: 202-224-3353

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