Feb 18

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DTP noon Update: With grassroots Republican voters asserting their voting power, the Rule of Law is returning to America


DTP Noon 1-minute update bannerTwenty-two times President Obama publicly mentioned that he did not have the legal authority to make the legalization/amnesty changes to immigration law and regulations desired by illegal alien legalization/amnesty advocates. Suddenly, with the growing voter empowerment of grassroots Republican voters becoming evident in the lead-up to last fall’s elections, progressive White House lawyers “discovered” that, in fact, the president “did” have the needed legal power and out came the phone and the pen to implement policy changes. Monday, as the immigration policy changes legalizing some illegal aliens were about to be implemented, this legal house of cards collapsed as the Rule of Law took hold. In a preliminary injunction, a federal judge in Texas held the Obama administrations actions were contrary to federal law and the Constitution. Even President Obama now appears to acknowledge the supremacy of the Rule of Law when he said they would hold off on any actions to implement the changes until the preliminary injunction was lifted or overturned on appeal. His pen is not mightier than the Constitution.

Now, with Republicans in majority control of Congress, due primarily to the assertive voter power of grassroots Republican voters, the House bill to defund these now illegal and unconstitutional actions by the president’s administration should move forward. Democrats in the Senate, while they will huff and puff, have no legal basis to filibuster the bill and President Obama has no legal basis to veto the bill.

In America, politics reflects differences of opinion with respect to legal and constitutional choices. When the choices are clearly determined to be illegal and/or unconstitutional, they move outside the bounds of political action to become subversive actions where they remain until they would become legal and constitutional by law and amendment. It is Congress and the states that have the authority to make these legal and constitutional, not the president. This is why our American president is not a tyrant, unless we let him become so. Grassroots Republican voters, putting Republicans back in the majority control of Congress, played a key role in keeping America governed by the Rule of Law and the Constitution. Progressives often disregard either as President Obama tried to do.

If you haven’t done so already, you should attend a Constitution Boot Camp. These are coming to the Miami Valley in the months ahead. One day; six hours to refresh your understanding of the U.S. Constitution.

The Greene County TEA Party’s guest speaker will provide an overview of these boot camps at next Tuesday’s meeting. Parents, teachers, scout masters, high school debate coaches, lawyers who were not taught constitutional law but focused on case law, ministers, law enforcement personnel, liberty leaders, etc., should attend to hear why they should attend one of these boot camps to be sponsored by the Dayton TEA Party and its liberty groups.



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