Feb 16

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DTP 7 PM update: With early primary polling showing a wide-open GOP primary, R voters need to focus on “Vote Your Values”


DTP 7 PM 1-minute update bannerInformed grassroots Republican voters have the ability to dominate the upcoming Republican primary elections. This is called voter empowerment and is the way that grassroots Republican voters will be able to force the Republican Party to be responsive to the will of those voting in the primaries in the selection of the Republican presidential nominee.

Only about 25% of registered Republican voters actually vote in the primaries, even in a heavily contested presidential primaries. By being informed about the candidates’ values and public policy positions, those that do vote will then be able to Vote Your Values. Name recognition and cute sloganeering will have little impact on these voters. This is a form of political engineering coming from the bottom up rather being driven from the top down by heavily funded campaigns.

The important point now is to ignore the polling data. First, it does not likely reflect only the 25% of the voters that actually vote. Second, the candidates have not yet had time to clearly articulate their values and public policy positions. Finally, the concerned grassroots R voters most likely to turn out in the primaries have not yet begun to pay close attention. This will come later this summer as we start the fall run-up to the first primaries.

What Vote Your Values R voters should now focus on is demanding the Republican primary process: (1) gives all candidates a fair shot at winning the nomination; (2) encourages all candidates to clearly articulate their values and public policy positions; (3) enables true choice on the ballot so that primary voters can best Vote Their Values; (4) requires all campaigns be undertaken with integrity and honest; and (5) yields a nominee at the Republican convention who has won “fair and square” and becomes “our guy” in the fall general election. This “our guy” candidate will then have earned the enthusiastic support of grassroots R voters in the general election—creating the kind of enthusiasm that brought Ronald Reagan to the White House in 1980. We can do this again in 2016!


to bring integrity to the Republican presidential primaries

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