Feb 11

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DTP noon update: Today, OH House to vote on bill to provide “safe harbor” for children opting out of PARCC testing


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The Ohio House will take up an important bill at 1:30 PM today. HB7 establishes a “safe harbor” for children by preventing their educational records from being impacted should the children’s parents choose NOT to have them take the Common Core PARCC proficiency testing. Every parent has the right to opt their child out of this testing.

By now, every parent and grandparent with children in or about to enter public schools (and most private schools) should be aware of the potential harm the Common Core educational standards and the related proficiency testing are doing to our children. If you are not, please read this compelling letter from a Centerville, Ohio, school teacher.

Take positive action:

(1) Opt your children out of the PARCC testing. Contact your school administration to find out how.

(2) Contact you state rep. to express your views.


Greater Dayton Area State Representative and Senator contact list


(This may take a moment to open.)


State Senator Bill Beagle (R-5) (614) 466-6247

State Senator Keith Faber (R-12) (614) 466-7584

    – Senate Majority Leader

State Senator Shannon Jones (R-7) (614) 466-9737

State Senator Peggy Lehner (R-6) (614) 466-4538

State Senator Bob Peterson (R-17) (614) 466-8156

State Senator Chris Widener (R-10) (614) 466-3780
President Pro Tempore



(This may take a moment to open.)


State Rep. Fred Strahom (D-39) (614) 466-1607

State Rep. Michael Henne (R-40) (614) 644-8051

State Rep. Jim Butler (R-41) (614) 644-6008

State Rep. Niraj Antani (R-42) (614) 466-6504

State Rep. Jeffery Rezabek (R-43) (614) 466-2960

State Rep. Margaret Conditt (R-52) (614) 466-8550

State Rep. Timothy Derickson (R-53) (614)-644-5094

State Rep. Paul Zeltwanger (R-54) (614) 644-6027

State Rep. Ron Maag (R-62) (614) 644-6023

State Rep. Rick Perales (R-73) (614) 644-6020

State Rep. Bob Hackett (R-74) (614) 466-1470

State Rep. Kyle Koehler (R-79) (614) 466-2038

State Rep. Stephen A. Huffman (R-80) (614) 466-8114

State Rep. Jim Buchy (R-84) (614) 466-6344

State Rep. Nino Vitale (R-85) (614) 466-1507

State Rep. Cliff Rosenberger (R-91) (614) 466-3506

    – Current House Speaker

State Rep. Gary Scherer (R-92) (614) 644-7928

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