Jan 17

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DTP president’s update – January 17, 2015


DTP president's updateBeing frustrated but silent changes nothing!

How many times have you wanted to throw something at the TV or changed the channel because you couldn’t listen anymore? Probably too many times to count in recent years. So what are you going to do about that? Remain silent? Remain turned-off by politics? My hope is that you are seeking a way out of this corner that liberals/progressives in both parties have painted America into. There is a path forward, but it requires TEA Party citizenry like you to effectively engage in the upcoming 2016 elections. You need to become an engaged, informed, and empowered voter. Getting you to this point will be the entire focus of the Dayton TEA Party over the next two years.

Only informed voters 500


Sign up for DTP emails to be engaged

We are working to turn the Dayton TEA Party into a strong regional liberty activist organization spanning the entire Miami Valley. Our principal aim is to develop a large social media outreach communications network enabling us to communicate directly to all liberty activists in the Miami Valley regardless of which local organization you may also be associated with. Of course, we will use Facebook and Twitter. However — and everyone needs to understand why — we also need to be able to communicate to you via email. The reason for this is because Ohio election law prevents us from using Facebook and Twitter if we wish to talk about specific candidates and issues during the election season. We must use email. Hence, please sign up to receive DTP emails and encourage your conservative friends to do the same.


Republican D-Day in Ohio will be in August

The Republican Party announced that the first debate among Republican presidential candidates will be in August and will be in Ohio. Ohio is a MUST–WIN state if the Republican nominee is to win the White House in 2016. Everyone knows this. Thus, we can expect substantial presidential politicking and polling in Ohio over the next eight months. What this effectively means is that conservative candidates, if they really want to be taken seriously, have about eight months to position themselves to be on par with such establishment candidates as Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney, by the time of this first debate. These conservative candidates understand this and now we must make grassroots Republican voters in Ohio aware of this.


Recognize year Grassroots Republican voter’s leverage

I am now finalizing an article for publication that proposes a path for grassroots Republican voters to take to empower their vote in the upcoming presidential primary. We need a positive path forward within the Republican Party if we are to succeed in winning the general election in November 2016. However, we cannot and shall not allow ourselves to be steamrolled by the establishment/progressive wing of the Republican Party. Why? Not since Richard Nixon has this wing of the Republican Party won a presidential election. The only way that any Republican candidate wins the White House, in highly contested races, is when the candidate has the strong support of conservative grassroots Republican voters. This failed to happen in 1976, 1992, 1996, 2008, and 2012. (These failures gave us Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.) Only with a strong conservative candidate — Ronald Reagan — has there been a convincing Republican victory since Richard Nixon. And remember that the establishment/progressive wing of the Republican Party strongly opposed the nomination of Ronald Reagan, probably the most important Republican president of the 20th century. It was conservative grassroots Republican voters that made this happen — not the establishment/progressive wing of the party. This gives you, as one of these grassroots Republican voters, substantial voter power in the upcoming primary and general elections. You hold the key to any Republican victory in 2016. This gives you — us — leverage. This is the focus of my upcoming article — how to exploit this leverage for the benefit of the Republican Party and grassroots Republican voters in 2016.


How you can become a better conservative messenger next Saturday

It does little good to be an engaged but silent voter. You must become an effective conservative messenger able to talk to your frame family and friends about the critical issues facing America and the choices voters will have in 2016. A workshop will be held on January 24 — next Saturday — providing four hours of excellent hands-on training on messaging and using social media such as Facebook and Twitter. I encourage you to attend. It is free and lunch is provided. Details are here. RSVP is needed.


Are you linked to Ohio Rising, Ohio Liberty Coalition, and TEAPartyTalkwithTomZ

To be an informed voter you need information. Here are links to three information sources: Ohio Rising, Ohio Liberty Coalition, TEAPartytalkwithTomZ.com. If you have Facebook and/or Twitter, please sign up to follow these three sources of information. Ted Stevenot’s Ohio Rising and Tom Zawistowski’s radio show provide focus on what is happening particularly in Ohio. Both Tom and Ted were previous presidents of the Ohio Liberty Coalition and remain liberty leaders in Ohio. Tom is based in the Akron area and has a weekly half-hour radio show that you can listen to Saturday mornings at 9 AM (via iHeart radio) or live on Wednesday morning at 10:30 AM as the Saturday show is being recorded. Ted is based in the Cincinnati area and is growing Ohio Rising into the preeminent voice of conservative grassroots voters in Ohio. Help them accomplish their goals by signing on to follow them.


Putting a smile on your face in November 2016

I believe you were tremendously discouraged with the reelection of President Obama in 2012. I also anticipate that you will be tremendously discouraged with the election of a Democrat to the White House in 2016. I think that almost all grassroots Republican voters want to see the “generic” Republican presidential nominee elected. This will only happen if we effectively engage grassroots Republican voters starting now. So if you want to wake up the morning after the presidential election with a big smile on your face, we have a great deal of work to do.

The primary purpose of this update was to help you understand steps you can take now to help to make this success a reality. It will not come from the Republican National Committee. It will not come from the John Kasich-led Ohio Republican Party. (If you think so, then ask yourself how Romney lost Ohio in 2012 when John Kasich was governor and entirely controlled the Ohio Republican Party.) Just as with the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, only a grassroots-up campaign will lead to victory in 2016. Join the Dayton TEA Party by signing up for our emails and become engaged with your local liberty group if you really want to make a difference in 2016! Republicans must when Ohio to win the White House in 2016. And Republicans must win the Miami Valley if they want to win Ohio in 2016. The path to victory starts right here. Only Totally Engaged Americans across the Miami Valley will make this happen!


I My Liberty!

Mike Snead
Dayton TEA Party




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