Nov 17

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COMMON CORE REPEAL IN OHIOOhio Gov. John Kasich remains a staunch supporter of the discredited Common Core educational standards. For example, this past weekend, at the statewide Ohio Liberty Coalition meeting, we learned that Muslims met in Oct. in Dubai—yes, in the Persian Gulf—to discuss how to use the Common Core standards to influence the American educational system to promote their radical political agenda. (Don’t believe this? So the search.) Consider this when Gov. Kasich talks about local control.

Ohio House Bill 597 to repeal and replace the Common Core educational standards has been voted out of committee but is stuck in the House Republican caucus before moving to the floor for a vote.  Why is it stuck? Because 2016 presidential hopeful Gov. John Kasich thinks its best for his political future.

Please sign this online petition to urge Ohio Gov. John Kasich to get behind the House Bill 597 to repeal the Common Core educational standards. Sign this petition and, then, pass it on to friends.

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