Oct 15

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School Choice, Common Core and Educational Liberty


By Denny Crouch, GCTP

The Republican National Party and several Ohio Republican Central Committee Counties, including Greene County, have taken a stand against the “Common Core Educational Standards.” Originally, many states including Ohio agreed with the Federal Government to accept Common Core standards even BEFORE the standards were even developed. As the public became aware of Common Core during its implementation, over 60% of the people, based on latest polls, have expressed their rejection of these new educational approaches. Legislation was in work to repeal the use of Common Core Standards in Ohio but it’s apparently stalled until after the election due to the controversy over Common Core. How unfortunate.

Nearly 60 years after Milton Friedman proposed a system of universal school choice in his essay,  “The Role of Government in Education,”  his vision is more popular than ever. Opponents of school choice have taken every measure to fight it.  The article below from National Review Online (NRO) entitled “The Left’s Legal War on Children,” 8 Oct 2014, cites the threefold expansion of private school choice programs since 2004. Many active anti-school-choice lawsuits by groups like the ACLU, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, and others are working hard to stem school choice growth.

Read how and what strategies are being used to stop school choice in the NRO article. Are we in danger of losing educational liberties? Knowledge of these strategies may help us to defeat the attempt to limit the all important educational liberty of our children. Click here to read more.





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