Oct 02

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Gov. Kasich says he wants Medicaid Expansion continued

Gov. John Kasich

Gov. John Kasich

The battle to continue Medicaid Expansion in Ohio—the socialism provision of Obamacare giving free health care to single, work-able adults for their entire adult life—will be renewed next year in the Ohio legislature. Governor John Kasich, who appears to be positioning himself to be the “logical” VP candidate (from the must-win state of Ohio) on the 2016 Republican presidential ticket, continues his strong support for this cornerstone of Obamacare. He told the Cincinnati Enquirer in mid-Sept that he will work to get this program renewed next year. 

$1 billion+ being added to federal debt each year just for Ohio

The Ohio Liberty Coalition reports that as of August, 2014, 367,395 people have signed up for Medicaid Expansion. With a cost likely in the range of $3,000-$4,000 per year per person, the current expansion in just Ohio would have already added well over $1 billion to the federal debt. (The Federal Government is now paying the cost by borrowing the money and adding to the federal debt.) Gov. Kasich, formerly a champion of a balanced federal budget, now apparently views this as free money for Ohio as if it just appears magically in Ohio government bank accounts. What he doesn’t tell Ohioans is that this is debt that taxpayers (and our hard-working children) will be responsible for paying while those single, work-able adults, being given Medicaid Expansion, will continue to get free health care indefinitely, if Gov. Kasich has his way. Each could get well over $1 million in free health care over their lifetimes. All of this is just progressive social equality in Ohio from a Republican governor and Republican-controlled legislature. 

Classic establishment Republican politics in action

Where does Gov. Kasich get the political power to override the wishes of the Ohio legislature on Medicaid Expansion by, first, line-item vetoing the provision banning Medicaid Expansion, and then using the obscure Controlling Board—with the key assistance of Ohio Senator Chris Widener—to get Medicaid Expansion “approved”? Most likely, he is exercising the reins of political patronage—a key playbook of establishment, progressive Republicans. His message may be: I may be the vice president in 2017 and the president eight years later. Establishment Republican politicians in Columbus understand this very well with many seeing $$ and political power in their future. Thus, we get a lot of bluster from Republicans in the Ohio House and then silence when the political “magic” happens to put progressive policies into place. We see this on Common Core, Right-to-Work, the Heartbeat Bill, etc., where key conservative issues are ignored or stalled in the Ohio legislature.

Informed voters need to understand what is happening in Republican Ohio politics.

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