Sep 30

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Updated info—”Shattering America’s Trance” workshop—Saturday, Oct 4, Kettering


Messaging is the backbone of political communications. To be engaged in liberty activism, knowing how to effectively message is very important to each of us. But, how do we learn this skill? While it’s not hard to learn, it must be learned.

This is the purpose of the Saturday, Oct 4, Shattering America’s Trance Workshop. It is being given by Empower U and hosted by the Miami Valley Citizens Informed. “This is a workshop for citizens that teaches how to use non-political language to alert community members to current issues, then engage them to stop the uncontrolled spread of government.”


You will learn personalized techniques to:

  • Speak about healthcare, property rights and education in terms that turn the left and right into allies.
  • Create arguments that compel people to unite and act.
  • Convince public officials to listen, understand and act.
  • How to form alliances with uninformed and misinformed.
  • Simple ways that you can replace the media as the “go to source” for information in your neighborhood or community.
  • Make liars and bullies look nonsensical.


The cost is $35 for the workbook. The workshop will be held at:

Washington Heights Baptist Church
5650 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, Ohio 45459

RSVP to Barbara Burkard,

, or call 513-897-3130

About the Speaker:


John Anthony is a former teacher, nationally acclaimed speaker and for 25 years owned Corporate Measures, a training firm that specialized in building cohesive business units.  John’s work concentrated on discarding preconceptions and understanding other team members and issues, as the key to forming working bonds.

John is deeply concerned about political practices that polarize Americans and the ‘dumbing down’ effects the media’s misrepresentations have on citizens. His workshop, “Shattering America’s Trance” unravels these distortions using techniques that pull community members together behind common concerns.

John’s presentations include “False Choice, How Sustainable Development is Transforming Your Community”, “Common Core, the Transformation of American Education”, and “Understanding Dodd-Frank”.  His emphasis is on presenting accurate information in a manner that encourages viewers to want to learn more.

In 2010 he created the popular news website, DidYouKnowOnline.com and broadcast “The President’s 6 Billion Dollar Coincidence”, a media presentation with over 2,800,000 views.  Mr. Anthony assisted Nick Purpura and Don Laster in their lawsuit citing 18 constitutional violations in the Affordable Care Act that was reviewed by the Supreme Court.  He is the author of the DVD, “Straight Talk About Planning”, the report, “Inside the World of Planning” and designed the “Planners’ Resolution to Protect Property Rights “.




What I liked most is the new way of talking and communicating with people of both political affiliations.” BT


“I immediately began deploying John’s Bridge Building techniques to become more effective in connecting with people in ways that will help achieve my organization’s goals…I highly, highly recommend John Anthony’s program.”



“John gave us a more civil way to talk and in how we listen; and I am getting results!”


 Below is the flyer for the event. 

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