Feb 08

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Letter of Thanks from DTP Founder


By Rob Scott, Founder of the Dayton Tea Party:

I would like to thank you with all my heart for making the past three years some of the best in our nation’s history.

Never did I imagine the Tea Party Movement’s success could have had such an impact nationally, statewide, and locally. The movement began here in Dayton on a cold Tax Day on April 15, 2009 in downtown Dayton at Courthouse Square. It was absolutely amazing and astonishing.

My law school classmate and I more than a month earlier had decided to organize the event because we were both concerned about the direction the country was going, the massive amounts of debt the U.S. was undertaking, and the wasteful bailouts by the Bush and Obama administrations.

Perry Reynolds and I never could have imagined that 8,000 of you showed up to support the cause.

The Dayton Tea Party was born that day. And it has had a major impact on our community. The organization has grown to be one of the largest Tea Parties in the nation with measurable impact thanks to the creation of our subchapter groups – Liberty Groups. We have held many community events and forums, elected several of our members, changed legislation in the statehouse, educated our members and the community about the U.S. Constitution, and have focused our country back on solving the U.S. fiscal crisis. We had all of this impact in a respectful and honest way.

I would like to thank those who are involved in DTP’s Liberty Groups, those who volunteered their time, who donated their funds, and did everything they could to make the Dayton Tea Party what it is today.

Some specific individuals I would like to thank:

Seth Morgan who is a true believer in the Tea Party cause and never backs down.

The generous support of Greg McAfee, owner of McAfee Heating & Air, as well other businesses that supported DTP.

WHIO Radio. They are Dayton’s Conservative talk radio and the team are beyond professionals. Depend on it!

Brian Stanford for keeping the DTP books in order, and Sharon Stanford for her dedication to DTP.

Phil Herzing, father of the Liberty Groups. Kim Fletcher, founder of Homemakers for America.

And all of my lifelong friends that I met from the movement who made the movement in Dayton what it is. You know who you are.

For all of you. Stay involved. The Dayton Tea Party is left in great hands by the new leadership as well as all of you.

I still will be involved in the movement and the Dayton Tea Party. I plan on getting conservatives elected, organizing grassroots, and gearing the movement into the next phase.

The movement cannot stop and it will not stop. We must keep our elected officials accountable and advocate our principles. Our founders and God would expect nothing less from us.


Always In Liberty,

Rob Scott

Founder, Dayton Tea Party


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