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Oct 23

Secret “Impeachment” Hearings Labeled ‘Witch Hunt’ by Greg Jarrett

Most conservatives view “impeachment” hearings being held in secret by Democrats as a disgusting attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election or smear President Trump with all sorts of charges to make him easier to defeat in

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Sep 14

President Trump has had Great Success in Appointing Conservative Judges

President Trump has had great success in appointing conservative judges who will stand up for the Constitution and the Rule of Law! The Senate has now confirmed 150 of his judicial appointments.

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Feb 07

The Difference in How Socialism and Free Markets Work in the Real World

If the future of the nation were a function of logic, then conservatives would have a very easy job convincing the public of the great advantages of free markets over socialism. No debate would be needed, really. In the

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