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About Us


Dayton TEA Party

The Dayton TEA (Totally Engaged Americans) Party is a corporation operating as a non-profit organization serving the citizens of the Miami Valley. We are not a 501(c)4 organization.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Dayton Tea Party is to provide community groups, events, and educational programs that advance the American principles of Liberty and promote Fiscal Responsibility, Smaller Government, Support for Free Markets, and Respect for the United States Constitution.


The Dayton TEA Party is organized to operate (outreach) to the community through its liberty groups. While the DTP occasionally sponsors events, almost all activity is conducted by its member liberty groups. To become a “member” of the DTP, join the liberty group in your community. 



  • President:
  • Treasurer: John Walusis (South Montgomery County Liberty Group)

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