Oct 09

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Hamas Terrorist Attack In Israel Shows Danger of Biden Policy on Iran


The evil and barbaric terrorist attack against Israel this weekend by Iran-sponsored Hamas reveals the dangerous actions of the Biden administration, which recently gave $6 Billion to the evil Iran government. And knowing that there are hundreds of terrorists who would love to bring a terrorist attack to United States soil, we see the incredible stupidity of open-border Democratic policies which give easy entry to anyone who wants to enter our country! As Guy Benson noted:
“… the Biden administration’s truly atrocious foreign policy helped enable this attack, and has deliberately strengthened and empowered the Iranian regime, of which Hamas and Hezbollah are clients. Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, and the regime’s fingerprints are all over this attack. The Iran apologists (and much, much worse) inside the Biden administration and the Democratic foreign policy establishment make endless excuses and serve up feeble spin. An initial statement put out by the administration read like a stand-down order for Israel, before it was deleted. Anonymous Biden officials refused to admit Iran’s role in the horror, urging no rush to judgment, even as Hamas was openly thanking Iran for its help, and Iran’s tyrannical leader was publicly cheering on the murders. Iran did this, Hamas and Iran boasted. Let’s not jump to that conclusion, the Biden administration replied. Their fixation on engaging and appeasing Iran is profoundly wrong-headed and deadly. The Wall Street Journal landed an exclusive on the depth and centrality of Iran’s involvement in the attack…”

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