Mar 09

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Republicans Work to Strengthen Parents’ Rights in Education


As noted by Newt Gingrich, “Speaker Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans have given the American people an opportunity to dramatically strengthen the role of parents in the education of their children.
McCarthy, R-Calif., made the point that the majority has the right to designate the top bills by number. The Parents Bill of Rights is amplified by its designation as HR 5 and is the first bill McCarthy has introduced in a press conference.
“That’s what today is all about,” McCarthy said at the press conference. “It’s about every parent, mom and dad, but most importantly about the students in America.”
…House Republicans have introduced HR 5, the Parents Bill of Rights, to protect parents’ right to know what is happening to their children. This bill dramatically strengthens the role of parents in the education. As McCarthy said:
“The Parents Bill of Rights has 5 pillars to ensure parents have the right to have a voice in their kids’ education: Right to know what’s being taught in schools and to see reading material; Right to be heard; Right to see school budget and spending; Right to protect their child’s privacy; [and] Right to be updated on any violent activity at school.” “

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