Mar 05

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Rep Steve Scalise: “Soft-on-Crime Insanity” of the Democratic Party Harms Thousands of Americans


Rep Steve Scalise calls for action against the “soft-on-crime insanity” of the Democratic Party that is harming thousands of American families:
“Public safety is the foundation of any free society. In the United States, our families deserve to live in safe communities without the constant fear of violent crime and lawlessness threatening their personal security.
Unfortunately, due to Democrats’ soft-on-crime, defund-the-police agenda, too many Americans have been victimized by violent criminals who are allowed to walk free because Democrat prosecutors won’t even charge them with a crime.
In our Commitment to America, House Republicans pledged to hold criminals accountable for their actions, support our police departments, and uphold the rule of law across our nation. Safety and security are what the American people expect and deserve from their elected officials.

Despite what Democrats claim, our growing concerns about public safety are not unfounded. Crime is skyrocketing in major U.S. cities nationwide because Democrats have defunded their police departments, ended cash bail and allowed violent criminals back on our streets to terrorize communities with no more than a slap on the wrist…
Unlike Democrats, Republicans are committed to protecting our families and standing up to the lawlessness that has plagued our cities. Instead of defunding the police, we will give local law enforcement the tools and resources that they need to hire additional officers, which will bolster public safety and reduce crime. Instead of demonizing police, we will praise them for their bravery and resolve. Instead of accepting the Democrats’ soft-on-crime agenda, we will fight it.”

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