Feb 18

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A Critical Year to Protect the Unborn in Ohio


2023 is likely to be a Critical year to educate voters and mobilize them to take a stand against abortion! Failure could result in countless thousands of late-term babies being killed by abortion! Hannah Poling reports:
“Two pro-abortion organizations announced Thursday plans to join forces in their ongoing fight against the constitutional rights of the unborn…
Ohio’s largest Christian public policy organization, the Center for Christian Virtue (CCV), is working in collaboration with pro-life allies throughout the state, including the Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, Ohio Right to Life, Ohio Christian Alliance, Created Equal, and others to prepare to fight the upcoming ballot initiative.
“The organizations driving this initiative have a gruesome record of showing little regard for the health and safety of women and unborn children. For decades, they have spent millions of dollars fighting to protect their big business, profiting off of painful late-term abortions. Ohioans cannot be silenced and allow our state Constitution to be manipulated. We must stand up together against these radical liberal groups and their out-of-state funders to protect women and children,” CCV President Aaron Baer said.”

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