Jan 21

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Stephen Moore: Republicans Should Use Debt Limit Increase to Force Controls on Spending


Respected economist Stephen Moore argues that House Republicans should fight for no debt limit increase until a balanced budget plan is in place. Economic disaster is coming if we don’t get our national spending under control!
“Of all the reforms in House rules secured by the conservative rabble-rousers earlier this month, arguably the most momentous was the promise that Republicans will not pass any debt ceiling increase until substantial budget process reforms and spending cuts are secured.
The need for such a rule would seem self-evident. The debt has risen by some $4 trillion in just two years.
Government borrowing last year hit 13 figures, or $1.4 trillion. Absent budget reforms, we could easily see a decade ahead with another $10 trillion added to the debt. And don’t forget, every one-percentage-point rise in interest rates by the Federal Reserve raises the debt by much more than a trillion dollars over the next decade…

We just experienced one painful repercussion of runaway government spending and debt over the past year: The runaway inflation that climbed to a 40-year high – costing the average American family nearly $4,000 in a loss of real take-home pay…
Republicans in the House can make the case that almost all of the increase in the debt over the past two years is because Biden and congressional Democrats ran up the debt by spending $4 trillion we don’t have – most of that spending happened with few if any Republican votes. The Democrats own this debt increase.
But if Republicans agree to go-along-to-get-along by raising the debt ceiling without any concessions from Democrats, they will be aiding and abetting Biden’s big-government socialism agenda. And that, ladies and gentlemen, would be the biggest financial crisis for America of all.”

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