Nov 05

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Democrats Push Extreme Pro-Abortion Policies


Nikki Haley shows how the Democrats have become the extreme pro-abortion party:
“President Joe Biden’s No. 1 priority isn’t ending inflation, protecting families from crime, ending the crisis at our southern border or helping students who’ve suffered terribly from school shutdowns. It’s enshrining an absolute federal “right” to abortion on demand – past the point when babies have heartbeats and can feel pain, even up until birth – all paid for by taxpayers.
Such extremism isn’t confined to the White House. Almost every Democrat in Congress has already voted for the grossly misnamed Women’s Health Protection Act, which would block both state and federal lawmakers from protecting the unborn. Far from merely “codifying Roe v. Wade,” this bill would even override longstanding, commonsense laws that were upheld prior to the Dobbs decision, such as parental notification, informed consent and protections for health professionals from being coerced to participate in abortions.”

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