Nov 03

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November 8 Election is Critical to Address Out-of-Control Energy Costs


Senator Rick Scott shows how Joe Biden and the Democrats have brought massive increases in energy costs, and says that it is critical to bring Republican control back to Congress:
“For too long, Democrats in Washington and in liberal states across our nation have been fearmongering to rid America of fossil fuels. Unchecked by their friends in the mainstream media, these leftist radicals have claimed that we are in the midst of a climate crisis and doomed unless we make an immediate transition to “clean and renewable” energy like wind and solar. They are wrong and, if left unchallenged, their war on U.S. energy will wreak havoc on our nation and countless American families.
From his first day in office, President Joe Biden has waged an all-out war on U.S. energy. Now his administration fakes shock and awe in the face of the catastrophic results of its actions. Gas prices have soared to record highs. America is facing looming shortages of diesel and home heating oil.”

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