Oct 04

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Case of Ray Epps Raising Big Doubts about January 6 Storyline


Jack Cashill has a great summary of why many conservatives have big doubts about the “facts” about January 6 promoted by the Democratic Party and their allies in the media. The real facts will only be known if conservatives go to the election polls in November and bring the Repubican party into power in Congress so they can bring the truth to light:
“For those who do not know who Ray Epps is and why he matters—and this includes most Democrats and many journalists—U.S. Representative Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) served up a handy reference guide last week. Gosar did this in the form of a resolution of inquiry (ROI) directing Attorney General Merrick Garland to hand over all documents relevant to the Epps case within 14 days.
“Multiple videos show Ray Epps repeatedly urging crowds of people in Washington, D.C. on January 5 and January 6, 2021, to go to the United States Capitol and breach the building,“ Gosar explained. “Epps is the one person seen on video directing people towards the Capitol seconds before violence broke out, yet he has never been arrested or charged with any crime while more than 800 others have and countless more remained jailed.”…
…the FBI quietly removed Epps from its most-wanted list. He was not arrested and never spent a night in jail. The failure of the FBI to arrest the most conspicuous ringleader of the Capitol breach has naturally heightened suspicions that Epps—and likely others—were either federal agents or assets.”

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