Sep 30

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Biden’s DOJ and FBI are Being Used as Political Weapons


The FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) continue to demonstrate that they are being used by the Biden administration as political weapons against those who are thought to be political enemies. There is a strong hope that if Conservatives are able to take control of Congress in the election this November, they will be able to force the Biden administration to stop this outrageous exploitation of the DOJ and FBI for political purposes. Gregg Jarrett gives some important observations about the current state of affairs below:

“The FBI and Department of Justice could care less about the escalating attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers or violence against anti-abortion activists. But don’t dare oppose the pro-choice movement or Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray will come down on you with the full force of the federal government like a ton of bricks.
What happened to Catholic pro-life activist Mark Houck is just the latest example of the thuggish tactics employed by the DOJ and FBI in their unequal application of the law that frequently targets conservatives.
Houck, a deeply religious founder of a ministry that mentors young Catholic men, was arrested at his Pennsylvania home by a phalanx of FBI agents last Friday. His wife says they pounded on the door at around 7 am and pointed guns at her husband while his seven frightened children looked on…
Garland (DOJ) and Wray (FBI) have weaponized law enforcement to persecute and prosecute political adversaries while protecting partisan allies. Parents who complain at school board meetings are treated as “domestic terrorists.” But demonstrators who shout ugly threats outside the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices in clear violation of the law are never subject to arrest.
Equal justice under the law is a farce. If the roles were reversed and liberal justices were threatened, Garland and Wray would see to it that every last protester is behind bars.
There has been a significant uptick in violence on pro-life pregnancy clinics across the nation, many of them claimed by the left-wing pro-abortion group Jane’s Revenge. Among the 17 arson and vandalism attacks, Garland and Wray have made zero arrests.
Not that they are even trying. It is apparently acceptable to firebomb a pro-life clinic, but don’t argue with a pro-choice operator or the Biden administration will use its immense power and unlimited resources to come after you with a vengeance.
Recently, an 83-year-old pro-life volunteer in Michigan was shot as she canvassed her neighborhood to discuss an abortion ballot proposal. In North Dakota, a man used his SUV to mow down and kill a teenager because he believed the young man belonged to a Republican extremist group, although there is no evidence of that, say police.
It is no surprise that such violence is on the rise, given the incendiary rhetoric by politicians in Washington. It is not just the provocative rants of Senators Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren who stood outside the Supreme Court and fueled the abortion issue rage. Others like Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii and Rep. Tim Ryan, who is running for an open Senate seat in Ohio, have escalated the bombast with reckless language that borders on inciting violence. As noted in a New York Post column, Hirono said that fighting pro-lifers “is literally a call to arms.” Ryan intoned, “We have to kill and confront that (extremist) movement.”
They take their cues from the top. President Joe Biden has shredded all semblance of civility in politics. The man who vowed to unify American has become the divider-in-chief.
He has called Republicans a threat to democracy, a clear and present danger to the republic, and semi-fascists, whatever that means. Not to be outdone, Hillary Clinton now compares Trump supporters to Nazis.
The greatest peril to democracy today is not a foreign force, but the abuse of power within. Those who operate under the color of authority lurk in the shadows and do the bidding of the party in control.
Senior officials at the FBI and Department of Justice have commandeered these once esteemed agencies and become a law unto themselves. They have chosen to exploit their vast powers for political reasons. The end justifies any means. In a government of laws, Garland and Wray treat the rule of law with contempt.“

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