Sep 27

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Ohio Christian Alliance: Ohio Supreme Court Elections Critical to the Prolife Cause


The Ohio Christian Alliance argues that the election of Ohio Supreme Court justices this November could be critical to unborn babies in Ohio! It is thought that Republican justices on the court would be much more likely to allow restrictions on abortion to be upheld! (Note: the deadline to register or change address for the November election is October 11.):

“This year, for the first time, the candidates for the Ohio Supreme Court will be listed with their party affiliation on the ballot. There are three Republicans and three Democrats vying for the three seats up for election this year. The Republicans currently hold a 4-3 seat majority on the court. If the Republicans lose just one seat the majority will flip to the Democrats, and Ohio will see a liberal activist court, the likes of which we have not seen in recent times. The Republican candidates up for election are Pat DeWine, Sharon Kennedy, and Pat Fischer. Jennifer Brunner, running against Sharon Kennedy for Chief Justice, is running from a safe seat. Pat DeWine, running for re-election, is being challenged by Democrat Marilyn Zayas. Pat Fischer who is also running for re-election is being challenged by Democrat Terri Jamison. Please share this information with your family and friends.
This year the Ohio Supreme Court is a very important election. We cannot stress that enough.”
Important update on Ohio’s Heartbeat Law from Ohio RTL President Mike Gonidakis:
“Ohio’s Heartbeat Law currently has a judicial stay on it from a common pleas court in Hamilton County, Ohio. Judge Jenkins today extended that stay an additional fourteen days. Abortions are currently being performed for up to 20 weeks. The judge has until October 7th to issue a decision on the case. It could be disastrous, not only for Ohio’s Heartbeat law but for all of Ohio’s abortion restrictions… It is not known what the Democrat common pleas judge might do, but pro-life Ohioans should be prepared. The worst-case scenario is that abortion would be legal to the ninth month in Ohio like California and New York. Of course, the case will be appealed to the Ohio Supreme Court, but many believe it would be best to wait until after the election, making the Ohio Supreme Court races the most important Ohio Supreme Court races in many years. It will literally be a life and death decision for the unborn in Ohio.”


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