Sep 25

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Democrats in Washington Demonstrate Extreme Pro-Abortion Views


The Democrats controlling Washington, D.C. are doing everything that they can do to force abortions to be legal even up to the day before birth. And, as Jor-El Godsey explains, many top Democrats are even working hard to prevent pregnancy help organizations from offering women alternatives to abortion!
“So, Senator Elizabeth Warren is at it again.
Not content to have stepped in it back in July when she uttered the absurd claim that pregnancy help centers torture women and should be shut down “all around the country,” the Massachusetts Democrat has pulled another political stunt to appease her pro-abortion supporters.
Warren and a handful of pro-abortion colleagues in the U.S. Senate sent a slanderous letter to Heartbeat International this week purportedly seeking answers on Heartbeat’s data collection practices and policies.
Heartbeat is the largest network of pregnancy help globally and in the U.S.
The letter is unserious in that it is not based on fact, but serious in its real intent – which is to intimidate those who do not support abortion as the only option for women facing unplanned pregnancy.”

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