Sep 17

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Tim Ryan’s Voting Record Exposes Him as a Strong Biden Supporter


Tim Ryan, running against J.D. Vance to be our Ohio U.S. Senator, is pretending to be a moderate, but his voting record in Congress shows that he has been a strong supporter of the terrible Democratic policies that have led to massive inflation, a flood of illegal immigrants and deadly fentanyl pouring over the border, and rampant crime in many of our big cities! As James Kimmey writes:
“In this crucial midterm election cycle, we continue to see Democrats abandoning their progressive voting records and doing a 180-degree turn to appeal to more moderate voters. In fact, many of these candidates are further distancing themselves from President Joe Biden, whose popularity in the country continues to crumble…
So, while Ryan may not want to be publicly seen or associated with the unpopular president, it doesn’t diminish the fact that his voting record makes him one of the president’s strongest allies in the House of Representatives.

Ryan maintains a 100% voting record with Biden. Progressive Punch, the online tracker which rates politicians on their progressive bona fides gives Ryan a 96.65% overall “progressive score,” making him one of the country’s most progressive members of Congress. In addition, the League of Conservation Voters, the driving force behind the 2019 Green New Deal, released a National Environmental Scorecard giving Ryan a 100%…

So, while Ryan may try to portray himself as a “moderate,” the real Tim Ryan speaks volumes. His record on policing and radical environmental policies is hurting Ohio, and his divisive political rhetoric is bad for America. His recent attempts to appear moderate are nothing but a deceptive attempt to coax independent voters. “

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