Aug 27

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Biden’s Student Loan Handout Plan is a Lawless Power Grab Designed To Buy Votes!


Greg Jarrett shows how Joe Biden’s student loan handout plan is a lawless power grab designed to buy votes!
“President Joe Biden doesn’t have the legal authority for a wholesale cancellation of federal student loans. By executive fiat, he’s violating both the Higher Education Act and the Federal Claims Collection Act that set strict limits on modifying or waiving loans. Blanket cancellation of debt is forbidden without congressional authorization, not that unscrupulous Joe would care.,,
This constitutes a dangerous pattern of authoritarianism by Biden. He is deliberately defying the law and the Constitution. You’ll recall that he well exceeded his authority with his COVID mandates, his eviction moratoriums, his race-based farm program, and his moratorium on deportation. All of these were reversed by federal courts that declared Biden’s actions lawless.
When a president ignores the rule of law, it is tantamount to tyranny…
It is obvious that Biden’s debt amnesty plan is nothing more than a disgraceful and blatant attempt to buy votes with taxpayer money in advance of the upcoming midterm elections. The latest estimate is that it’ll cost half a trillion dollars, according to the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. Who pays for it? The government must absorb the exorbitant cost, meaning taxpayers end up footing the bill…
The people who are angry at Biden are the millions of responsible borrowers who faithfully paid off their loans, those that chose not to go to college because they didn’t want to incur the debt, and taxpayers who will be forced to pay for this. Even the Washington Post editorial board has blasted Biden’s gambit as expensive and inflationary. It’ll wipe out any gain made by the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, which was an oxymoron anyway.
As Fox News contributor and former Education Secretary Bill Bennett has pointed out, Biden’s forgiveness gimmick disproportionately impacts minority groups that didn’t go to college and favors high income earners who are white. Bennett called it a “terrible, idiotic idea.” He’s right.”
This lawless behavior by Democrats controlling Washington D.C. can only be corrected if we work to send strong Conservatives to Washington who will fight to restore the rule of law under our Constitution!

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