Aug 03

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Steve Scalise: Just 100 Days until the Election, when America can Reject Democrats’ Insane, Far-Left Policies


Rep. Steve Scalise offers hope, as we have 100 days to the election when America can reject Democrats’ insane, far-left policies:
“In 100 days, the American people will be able to cast their first vote against Joe Biden’s failed presidency.
Biden is asleep at the wheel and, coupled with Democrats’ disastrous leadership of the House and Senate, gas prices have reached record highs, the cost of food and everyday household goods has skyrocketed, illegal immigrants and deadly drugs are pouring across our open southern border, and crime is surging across the country.
All economic indicators point to our nation being in a recession. However, you won’t hear this from Biden or his spin doctors in the White House because they have no plan to fix these crises that they created…
We are far worse off than where we were nearly two years ago because Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are doubling down on their self-made crises.
Here’s the good news: Help is on the way.
In the weeks ahead, House Republicans are rolling out a bold, conservative plan to reduce inflation, lower energy costs for American families, secure the border, support our police, put parents back in control of their children’s education, and put our country back on the right track. “

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