Apr 14

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Miami Valley Citizens Informed (MVCI) Meeting on Election Integrity, Monday, April 18, 2022, with Tom Zawistowski



APRIL 18, 2022

7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Washington Heights Baptist Church

5650 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, OH 45429


He’s back!  MVCI welcomes back one of our most popular speakers….




As we approach the very important Primary and then November midterm elections, there is no more informed person in Ohio to speak to us about what is going on in our state and our nation, than Mr. Tom Zawistowski.  Tom, a businessman and an early leader of the Tea Party movement, has had his finger on the pulse of the political environment for over 12 years.  As founder in 2009 of the Tea Party in Portage, Ohio, Tom, his wife Nanette, and a team of concerned Ohio Patriot groups held the first Ohio Liberty Coalition convention.  Since then Tom founded the We The People Convention with a very informative and user friendly website as well as a weekly podcast. 

Tom will share with us the key challenges that face Ohio patriots in terms of our election process.  He will address the need for us to be clear on what we want those candidates running for office to do and how we can hold them accountable.  As he has said: “It is NOT enough to elect Republican majorities in 2022.  This time we must agree on what they MUST do to restore our nation BEFORE we vote for anyone in the primaries.”

Tom has many creative ideas and plans to enable the patriots in our state and across the nation to be effective in turning this country around.  Come on Monday, April 18th, and learn what Tom has to share and what part each of us can play in gaining the victory in 2022.

Website:  www.WeThePeopleConvention.org

Tom’s podcasts can be seen every Saturday at:






The Primary Election is the time when Patriotic Americans can make the real choices of candidates.  To neglect the Primary election and just vote in the November election only allows the individual a choice between the Republican party and Democrat party candidates.  Patriotic citizens need to vote for the candidate they want to see on the November ballot and not let others decide that for them.


This year has had a disruption in the Primary election because of a challenge by the Democrat party and outside of the state activist groups (Eric Holder and George Soros) to not allow the redistricting to be finalized in Ohio.  Each time the Ohio map was redrawn it was challenged in the Ohio Supreme Court and “Republican” Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor sided with the Democrats.  Because of this, there will be a split Primary vote.  The first vote will be on May 3, 2022 with most of the offices up for election on this ballot.  You can vote on May 3rd or go now until May 3rd, to your county Board of Elections and participate in early voting.

A second Primary election vote will take place at a later date – possibly in August.  There will only be three offices on that second ballot:  Ohio State Senate, Ohio State Representative, and Ohio State Central Committee; every other race will be on the May 3rd ballot (Including U.S. Senate, U.S. Representative, and Ohio Governor).

This fiasco has cost Ohio taxpayers extra monies to finance a second primary and has possibly cost some candidates (those with less campaign cash) to lose their race.

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