Mar 14

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Joe Biden Policies Drive Higher Energy Prices


President Biden and his allies in Congress have been working hard to inhibit the American oil and gas industry ever since he took power. Their policies led to major increases in American energy costs long before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But Joe Biden wants to blame everyone but himself! As Fred Sindelar notes: 

“Biden has apparently submitted his early entry to PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year contest: “It’s simply not true that my administration or policies are holding back domestic energy production.”

That’s undeniably false. And it is certainly true that his administration is not actively pursuing an increase in domestic energy production, which, unlike war in Ukraine or running an oil company, is something he does control.

Announcing today that the U.S. will make every effort to increase domestic oil supply would send the right signals to the market and start to put downward pressure on prices. Biden could immediately instruct his administration to prioritize lease sale approvals and remove the self-imposed regulatory barriers causing unnecessary delays. The president could approve pending pipeline and LNG export permits, and suspend the antiquated Jones Act that prohibits domestic port-to-port shipping. 

If he doesn’t, gas prices – along with already punishing inflation – will continue to anger and frustrate the American people. Eventually, Biden’s blame game won’t matter, because Americans will know exactly who is responsible.”

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