Jan 01

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Gil Gutknecht says “Let’s go Brandon” movement shows Americans “aren’t going to take it anymore”


Former Congressman Gil Gutknecht says “the entire Let’s go Brandon movement is much bigger than a race car driver or even this president. There is a growing majority of Americans who are tired of being talked down to. They are frustrated. They are angry. They are sick of double standards and the doublespeak. People are fed up and they aren’t going to take it anymore.
The media is understandably nervous. They refer to this as all part of an insurrection. The truth is that a majority of Americans don’t believe that Trump colluded with the Russians. They do believe that the FBI illegally spied on his campaign and that there is something very suspicious about the election of Joe Biden.
Some 70 percent of Americans believe that the Wuhan virus actually originated in the Wuhan laboratories. Worse, that the research to make bat viruses more lethal to human beings was paid for in part with American tax dollars. This in spite of the lecturing and obfuscations by CDC officials which serve only to harden the opinions of those 70 percent.
The excuses and prevarications concerning our bungled and bloody retreat from Afghanistan reinforce the view that this administration is at once both inept and shameless. The admission that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs conspired with his Communist Chinese counterparts (without consequence) is beyond belief!
We are not supposed to see these double standards. This president made his first official act the cancellation of the Excel pipeline, effectively firing 10,000 hard working Americans. This followed shortly with the tacit approval of the Nord Stream pipeline from Russia to Germany. Americans must be vaccinated, carry proof, wear masks and present photo ID to travel. Illegal immigrants, not so much.
We’re asked to pretend that there is no cost for trillions of dollars in new spending. Money that we don’t have on programs that cannot work. Just like we’re told that the inflation we see all around us is transitory and this spending won’t be gasoline on the fire.
Crime is running rampant in our cities. Organized smash and grab robberies and carjackings may be common but they have nothing to do with the defund the police movement or liberal attempts to decriminalize crime. Move along folks, nothing to see here.
First the Left tried to pretend that critical race theory and bizarre sex education programs were not being taught to our kids. Parents knew better and when they took their complaints to the school board meetings our Justice Department labeled them domestic terrorists and dispatched the FBI to spy on them. When the Attorney General was called on the carpet he denied his own memorandum.”

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