Dec 11

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Heritage Action: Democrats’ Massive “Build Back Better” Bill is Really a “Build Back Broke” Disaster!


Heritage Action has a great analysis of the Democrats’ “Build Back Better” Bill:

“Yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)––Congress’ nonpartisan fiscal watchdog––released the true numbers for Biden’s multi-trillion Build Back Broke bill: Over 10 years, it spends $4.9 trillion and will add over $3 trillion to the debt!
Democrats have used budget gimmicks to obscure the overall effects of this bill and are publicly claiming a much smaller debt figure.
All this spending in the “Build Back Broke” bill could not come at a WORSE time. Inflation is now at 6.8%—a near 40 year high! Under Biden’s inflation and anti-worker policies, Americans are paying more for gas, food, and housing… Workers’ paychecks are being squeezed at both ends: higher taxes and higher costs. And the “Build Back Broke” bill will only make things worse! Democrats don’t seem to care that trillions in new spending will drive inflation higher and continue to hurt their constituents back home. Because while Americans back home suffer, DC special interests will get rich off the $4.9 trillion in new spending!”

Click HERE for more details from Heritage Action

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