Oct 28

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Rep. Beth Van Duyne Calls Out the Justice Department as they Threaten Parents


Rep. Beth Van Duyne has some harsh words for the Biden administration Justice Department:
“We live in bizarre and profoundly disturbing times where our nation is run by an administration who empowers drug cartels and human traffickers to commit horrific crimes against Americans. This is the same administration currently mobilizing the FBI to investigate and intimidate concerned parents speaking out about education in taxpayer funded schools…
Just this week, under Senate questioning, the attorney general disgracefully doubled down on his insistence that concerned parents, exercising their rights to free speech, would face Department of Justice investigation and be considered domestic terrorists. These recent statements from the Department of Justice are obvious in their purpose to silence parents, threaten them into submission, and insert the federal government in between a child’s education and concerned parents who are advocates for the quality schooling we desperately need.
Voices and concerns of parents should not be considered “domestic terrorism” as the National School Boards Association attempted to portray the outcry against critical race theory, mask mandates, and other debilitating restrictions placed against children. The involvement of parents in their child’s education is not a favor granted to them by a benevolent school system, but rather their RIGHT as the primary stakeholder in a child’s life and development. Vocal parents change school districts, cities and even the country.”

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