Oct 16

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Karin Ruhkala Calls on Parents to Stand up for Truth and Against Critical Race Theory (CRT)


Karin Ruhkala calls on parents to stand up against Critical Race Theory (CRT) and other lies the establishment is trying to teach our children about America and our history! She states “I’m not an expert on CRT and, frankly, I don’t want to be. But from what I do know, CRT does not tell our children the truth about America and our history. It twists our history with a goal of students learning to hate and having contempt for America, thus weakening us from the inside out. It divides people into tribes and clans who war against each other because we’re allegedly a victim or an oppressor. CRT proponents want Americans to forget that we are the United States where the color of skin does not define nor determine destiny.”

We urge you to find out where candidates running for election this November stand on CRT and American history!

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