Sep 04

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Congressman Brian Mast: At Best, 13 American Heroes Are Dead. At Worst, Treason


Congressman Brian Mast argues that, at best, the irresponsible actions of President Biden have resulted in the deaths of 13 American heroes, and at worst, they add up to treason:
“On August 31, news broke about a phone call between President Joe Biden and the now-exiled President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani. Reports state that President Biden pressured Ghani to publicly manipulate intelligence about the Taliban’s rampage across Afghanistan. If televisions had broadcast images of the Taliban advancing, President Biden’s dream of a photo op celebrating Afghanistan withdrawal on September 11th would have been crushed, so he tried to get the Afghanistan president to help him keep up appearances.
If reports of this call are true, it begs the question: did it meet the Constitutional standard of treason, adhering to the enemy during a time of war, giving aid and comfort?”

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