Feb 17

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Star Parker Calls on Conservatives to Unite Against the Forces of the Left


Star Parker is calling on Conservatives to unite against the forces of the Left: “I appeal to Republicans to not let the smoke bellowing forth daily from the Democratic Party/left-wing mainstream media complex blindside them. Our nation is limping, deeply wounded and dangerously close to fiscal and moral bankruptcy.

There is a reason why Americans picked a man with no prior political experience as their president in 2016. “Make America Great Again” was about the critical and noble crusade to restore “one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Compared to this vital and noble mission, current injuries and differences in the party are but superficial wounds.

Republicans must unify to continue working to restore American greatness and keep focus on the real enemy: A corrupt, deeply confused and dangerous left-wing regime now holds the reins of power in our nation.”

Click HERE for more from Star Parker on Townhall.com

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