Dec 19

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Three Reasons Why the Left Doesn’t Like Christmas


Dennis Prager gives 3 good reasons why the Left doesn’t like Christmas:
“Many on the left (as opposed to liberals) have been warring on Christmas for more than a generation. Leftists always deny there is a war on Christmas and mock those who claim there is.
It takes a mind-blowing chutzpah or lack of self-awareness when people do something and yet deny that they are actually doing it. But the evidence is overwhelming…
One (reason) is that the left sees in Christianity its primary ideological and political enemy. And it is right to do so. The only large-scale, organized opposition to the left comes from the traditional Christian community—evangelical Protestants, traditional Catholics, and faithful Mormons—and from Orthodox Jews.
Leftism is a secular religion, and it deems all other religions immoral and false.”

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