Mar 02

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Vice President Pence Calls Out Democrats for Advancing a “Culture of Death”


Vice President Pence has called out Democrats for advancing a “culture of death” in recent actions on abortion. “Life is winning in America. For all the progress we’re making, tragically, at the very moment more Americans are embracing the right to life, leading members of the Democratic Party are embracing a radical agenda of abortion on demand,” Pence said at the Conservative Political Action Conference. “Democrats are standing for late-term abortion, infanticide, and a culture of death,” Pence said. “I promise you, this President, this party, and this movement will always stand for the unborn and stand for the inalienable right to life.” The Vice President also said “freedom of religion is under attack” in America. He talked about the left’s attacks on second lady Karen Pence for teaching art at a Christian school. “Lately, it has actually become fashionable for media elites and Hollywood liberals to mock religious belief,” Pence said. He also got a huge ovation when he echoed President Trump’s line in his recent State of the Union address: “America will never be a socialist country.”

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