Nov 04

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Citizens for Community Values Makes Voter Guide Available


A free Voter Guide is available from Citizens For Community Values. It compares a number of statewide and Congressional candidates, including those running for U.S. Senate, Democrat Sherrod Brown and Republican Jim Renacci, and those running for Ohio Governor, Democrat Richard Cordray and Republican Mike DeWine. Some major differences are shown, including the following: Both Republican candidates, Jim Renacci and Mike DeWine, would be in favor of prohibiting government funds from going to the abortion provider Planned Parenthood, and would also be in favor of prohibiting abortion once the unborn baby’s heartbeat can be detected. On the other hand, both of the Democratic candidates do not agree with these restrictions. This is consistent with the fact that the Democratic Party has become extremely pro-abortion, even allowing the killing of late-term unborn babies!

Another significant difference: Jim Renacci is in favor of (and helped pass) the tax cuts passed by the Republican Congress which have led to a booming economy and millions of new jobs nationwide, while Sherrod Brown believes that the tax cuts should not be continued.

Citizens For Community Values also comes out very strongly against Ohio Issue 1, which would greatly relax the penalties for possession of dangerous illegal drugs. (Note: Richard Cordray has actually come out in favor of Issue 1, while Mike DeWine opposes it)

Click HERE to download the Voter Guide.

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