Oct 31

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Ohio Tea Party Leader Tom Zawistowski Strongly Endorses Jim Renacci for U.S. Senate


Ohio Tea Party leader Tom Zawistowski gives his strong opinion about the need to work hard to elect Jim Renacci to the US Senate, and why we can’t trust the polls:

“I wrote to you the other day with the announcement that Trump was coming to Cleveland on Monday, November 5th and suggested that he was coming because Jim Renacci had a legitimate chance of beating Sherrod Brown for US Senate. So what happens a few days later? A liberal Cleveland College, Baldwin Wallace, comes out with a poll saying that Renacci is down by 20% to Brown! 20%!!! Really??? Of course the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Cincinnati Enquirer printed it as if it were gospel. So what happens today? The Ohio Star publishes a study from Emerson College showing Renacci only down by 6%. What is going on here?

Well, the Baldwin Wallace poll is flat out propaganda designed to DEPRESS OUR VOTE! They want us to think we can’t win and stop trying! I’ve got news for you, the only way I could produce a poll of Jim Renacci losing by 20% to Sherrod Brown is if I only polled the Baldwin Wallace Faculty! The Emerson Poll proves it. What the Emerson poll says is that Renacci could only be down by only 1.7% in reality (6%-4.3%) which what our polling shows is more likely the case.

This is a no-brainer. Brown is for open borders, radical judges, tax increases, government controlled health care, global government, government regulation of everything you do, and taking away our guns! Renacci is for the border wall, constitutional judges, more tax cuts, free market health care, more de-regulation, cutting the debt and the deficit, and protecting your gun rights and religious freedoms. Our choice is clear and we need to make it clear to everyone we know in the next few days! Don’t watch the scoreboard, watch the clock, and play as hard as you can until the final whistle blows at 7:30 PM on Tuesday night!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention”

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