Oct 27

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At Final Ohio Senate Debate, Jim Renacci Pledges to Put Ohioans First


Sparks flew at the third and final debate between Jim Renacci and Sherrod Brown on Friday night. Renacci highlighted that Brown has been in Washington for decades, saying it’s time for a change because Brown has become addicted to Washington-lobbyist cash, scooping up $27 million for his campaigns over the years. Instead of putting Washington first, Renacci pledged to put Ohio and Ohioans first, starting with Immigration, saying “I say we do need a wall to make sure our immigration system works, and my opponent says we get rid of ICE and he supports sanctuary cities and open borders.”

They also clashed on healthcare. Brown, like in previous debates, continued to accuse Renacci of secretly planning to rob Medicare to pay for the tax cuts that have brought jobs and wage increases to Ohio workers. But Renacci called on Brown to stop the scare tactics, saying “we need to quit this political rhetoric [about Republicans wanting to cut Social Security and Medicare].”

Jim Renacci would be a strong supporter of President Trump, while Sherrod Brown has opposed the President on almost every issue. Sherrod Brown is also a strong supporter of abortion, while Jim Renacci is strongly Prolife.

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