Oct 09

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FRC Action Points Out Disgraceful Behavior by the Left during the Kavanaugh Hearings


Below is some good commentary from the legislative arm of Family Research Council (FRCAction) on the disgraceful behavior of the left during the Kavanaugh hearings (Many conservatives believe that this disgraceful behavior will become even worse if the Democratic party gains control of either the House or the Senate in Washington as a result of the November elections.):

“When Brett Kavanaugh dreamed about being sworn in as a Supreme Court justice, he probably didn’t picture dozens of screaming protestors trying to break down the door to the chamber inside. But then, there’s a lot about the last three weeks that the Kavanaughs would have never imagined — or most Americans for that matter. And while no one can turn back time and give him the respectful treatment he deserves, there is some small comfort in knowing that the Left set out to expose Brett Kavanaugh — and revealed themselves instead.

If there’s any good to come from the Left’s search and destroy mission of an innocent man, it’s showing the world who the president’s opponents really are. The “resistance” is not about playing within the rules. It’s about a ruthless, vindictive, violent faction who’s willing to do anything — or hurt anyone — to get their hands on the levers of power. These are men and women who break through police lines to claw at the doors where Kavanaugh is. They’re the ones screaming like animals inside the Senate chamber, or sending Republicans’ wives pictures of beheadings after their private information is posted online.”

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