Jul 17

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Ohio Tea Party Poll Shows Close Races for Ohio Senator and Governor


An Ohio TEA Party organization has released a poll showing close races for Ohio Senator and Ohio Governor. In the Senate race, conservative Republican Rep. Jim Renacci, a strong supporter of the policies of President Trump, is running against the current Senator Sherrod Brown, one of the most liberal Democrats in the U.S. Senate. In the governor’s race, conservative Republican Mike DeWine, current Ohio Attorney General, is running against liberal Richard Cordray.

A lot is riding on these elections this November! For example, if Sherrod Brown is re-elected to the Senate, and several new Senate Democrats are elected across the nation, the Democrats would win control of the Senate, making it impossible to get strong conservative judges onto the Supreme Court, and frustrating nearly all of President Trump’s future efforts!

The Ohio TEA Party organization, We the People Convention, released the poll, which also showed strong approval for President Donald Trump. Click HERE for details from the poll.

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