Jun 28

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Justice Kennedy’s Retirement from the Supreme Court Cheers Pro-Life and Values Voters


To replace retiring Justice Kennedy, President Donald Trump has promised that he will appoint a well-qualified conservative who will interpret the law based on the intended meaning of the Constitution. The prospect of such an appointment is encouraging conservatives throughout the nation, and is especially encouraging to pro-life and values voters. Although Justice Kennedy has been generally conservative, he has sided with the liberal wing of the Court on some social issues. On cases involving abortion and issues of sexuality and gender, there could be a major sea change with President Trump’s next Supreme Court pick. As the first GOP nominee in history to say that he would only appoint pro-life justices to the bench, Donald Trump won over plenty of skeptics by releasing his list of solid and impartial jurists in advance of the election.

Whenever President Trump announces his selection, we can expect that they will be unjustly attacked by the left, and conservatives may need to work hard to push the Senate to confirm the nomination!

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