Mar 22

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Tom Zawistowski Denounces Massive 1.3 Trillion Dollar Spending Bill Passing Through Congress


Respected Ohio Tea Party leader Tom Zawistowski has issued a powerful press release condemning the massive spending bill that has been accepted by many in Congress:

 Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio TEA Party organization the We the People Convention, asked President Trump to reverse his position on the $1.3 Trillion spending bill being considered by Congress because it is a betrayal of the promises made to the voters who put him and the Republican Party in “control” of both houses of Congress. The Omnibus spending bill does not fund the boarder Wall, does not defund sanctuary cities, does not fully fund plans to increase border agents, does fund Planned Parenthood, guts the Education Department funding to promote school choice and private school vouchers, and will lead to a $1 Trillion deficit this year and a $1.3 Trillion deficit in 2019. The Bill also includes the largest increase in military spending in 15 years, $80 Billion in 2018, which was used by Democrats and establishment Republicans to justify huge spending increases on every other kind of domestic program instead of reducing domestic spending to pay for the military increases.

Zawistowski said, “Mr. President, this is not what your voters want or deserve. You must Veto this Bill! You should be insulted, as we are, by not only the pathetic $1.6 billion in border wall funding, but by the restrictions placed on how you can spend that money which are quit frankly intended to embarrass you personally. This bill forces you to spend $1.6 billion on an inferior wall and gives you no money to build the real wall the American people want, need and deserve. Out of $1.3 Trillion in spending, we can’t spend $25 Billion for immigration control and border security which polls show is the number one issue for Republican voters? For that reason alone you should veto this bill. The willful reckless spending in this bill, by all sides, gives you even more reason to veto the bill. It is in a word – irresponsible and detrimental to your Make America Great Again agenda. Mr. President, the House has passed appropriations bills and they are in the Senate. Tell Congress to pass another short term Continuing Resolution and then tell Mitch McConnell to get to work in the Senate and pass a real budget, one that the Representatives of the people have debated and voted upon, and bring that budget to a vote by April 15th. That is how you restore the budget process and get our government working for the people it is supposed to serve again. Veto this bill!”

Zawistowski concluded, “This is the “Swamp” taking care of its special interest masters and completely betraying their responsibilities to the American people. This 2,232 page bill was “negotiated” by only four people, McConnell, Schumer, Ryan and Pelosi, with no input from the other 531 elected representatives of the people, with total disregard for the budget process, and was given to the members of the US House with less than 24 hours to read it and vote on it. I would say to the Ohio Congressional delegation, that anyone who is dumb enough to vote for this bill, with the primary on May 8, 2018, should not be surprised if their primary challenger suddenly rises in the polls or if independent challengers from the right file to get on the December ballot on May 7th. The vast majority of real Republican voters have had more than enough of the lies from those they elect. They are not going to come out and vote for people who said they were fiscal conservatives, that they were for the Wall, and that they would defund Planned Parenthood, the last time they ran, and vote for them again. We would much rather vote for an unknown non-incumbent citizen candidate that someone we know for a fact to be a liar.”

The Ohio TEA Party movement believes in Constitutionally limited representative government; lower taxes; minimum government regulation; capitalism; and fair and free markets, in order to protect individual freedom and liberty, and create prosperity for all citizens. The We the People Convention is an Ohio Non-Profit Corporation. Citizens can learn more about our organization and donate at www.WethePeopleConvention.org.


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