Jan 13

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Truth of America’s Founding, Your Heritage and Mine – Powerful Seminar Saturday, January 27, 2018 in Xenia, Ohio


Greetings Greene County Tea Party Members, Colleagues and Friends,

Americans need UNITY if we are to grow strong again as a people and nation.  But how do we achieve that?  Christians and other concerned citizens can begin to build a COMMON VISION for Americans’ future based upon the FOUNDATION that was laid by our Founding Fathers.  But what is that foundation?  What is it that makes you an American?

Please take two minutes to watch:  What Makes You an American? (Or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88DoZn2UY3c)

You were recently invited to attend a One-Day Seminar entitled “The Truth of America’s Founding – Your Heritage and Mine,” at the Xenia Community Center, 1265 W. Second St., Xenia, OH on Saturday, January 27 at 9:30 am. Registration begins at 9:00 am. I believe this seminar holds the key to begin building that common vision.  The GCTP is proud to host this IOTC seminar. Here is a comment from a graduate from this seminar:

“It was quite illuminating and has helped me see the Declaration of Independence and Constitution as products of a biblical worldview.”

Please see the details below – dates, times, cost, registration – and REGISTER TODAY.  Then pass on this opportunity for a fresh start by sharing this invitation with your church, your family and other citizens who are concerned about their children’s and grandchildren’s future.

Liberty and Blessings to All,

Dennis Crouch
President, Greene County Tea Party


Note: See Below for “Registration/Course Information”

Registration/Course Information
The Truth of America’s Founding – Your Heritage and Mine
A One-Day Seminar

MISSION STATEMENT:  To demonstrate the role of God and the Bible in the establishment of the United States of America and how our American and Christian heritage is intertwined.

WHERE:  Xenia Community Center, 1265 W. Second Street, Xenia, OH 43585

WHEN:   Saturday, January 27, 2018 – 9:00AM open for Registration: Program begins at 9:30 AM, ends at 4:00 PM

SPECIAL GUESTS ATTENDING: Ohio State Senator Bob Hackett and Ohio Representative Bill Dean.

COURSE DESCRIPTION – Using the Bible, the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and other primary sources you will learn:

  1. Amazing information from Christopher Columbus’s diaries.
  2. Why the Pilgrims came to America in 1620.  (Hint: It wasn’t just for religious freedom.)
  3. The surprising foundation for American law as stated in the    Declaration of Independence.
  4. Key doctrines of the Constitution that will expose many erroneous modern-day teachings, including what the phrase “Separation of Church and State” really means.
  5. Modern Day applications: How to work together Constitutionally to protect LIFE, LIBERTY, and PROPERTY.

 FREE BOX LUNCH (including drinks)

 Order your personal selections upon arrival- OR- Bring your own sack lunch

COST: Seminar is FREE.  Material costs have two options:

  1. Basic Kit – Student Manual only – $25 (required) – one per  individual or couple)
    2.  Complete Student Kit (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED) $45 – (One per individual or couple) –
    Includes Student Manual, DVD and three books specified on  Registration Website below.


  • Online with credit or debit card.  Click or type this into your web browser:     https://www.theamericanview.com/store/products/greene-county-a-one-day-seminar/
  • OR Fill out Seminar Registration Form below. Send this form with check or money order made payable to Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) – address listed below. (One registration form for EACH person, please!) (You may instead wish to click HERE for a registration form to print)

Limited walk-ins accepted with coordination-see contacts below.


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