Oct 01

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Thoughts on the NFL and the National Anthem


Thoughts from Dennis Crouch, Greene County Tea Party President:
As a retired Air Force military man and combat veteran I have fought for our flag. There is no higher symbol than the flag that expresses the values that made these United States great. Many of my buddies, friends and countrymen (that’s men and women) died for that flag and their caskets were draped in that flag after they gave their lives for our country. I will always stand in respect for our flag and our National Anthem. To do otherwise would be denying who I am and who we are as a nation. Click HERE for an article with a somewhat different view of the issue.

Unfortunately, the article doesn’t speak to the venues used to “disrespect” the flag and I totally agree that kneeling while at work in disrespect for the flag is the wrong approach and many of us veterans, and patriotic citizens, will probably not watch the NFL games until this issue is resolved. I have seen people at sporting events stand with hats off but with their hands beside the bodies rather than over their hearts. I cringe but understand it’s their right. They may be ill informed or they truly are disrespecting the flag. For the most part I think they are ill informed. This is not true for the NFL players that are disrespecting the flag and our country in their work environment in front of thousands of people in the stands and millions on TV that would like to just watch a competitive football game.

I thank Beef O’Brady’s Restaurant for standing up and being counted. By the way, my wife and I are eating there tonight!! Click HERE for an article regarding Beef O’Brady’s stand by the Dayton Daily News.


Dennis Crouch

Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

Beavercreek, Ohio

 (Although I am President of Greene County Tea  Party, my views are not necessarily the views of the Greene County Tea Party.)

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