Dec 04

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Special MVCI Meeting This Monday 12/5 with Trevor Loudon


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Washington Heights Baptist Church
5650 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, Ohio 45429
7:00 to 8:30 PM

GUEST SPEAKER – all the way from New Zealand:



MVCI is pleased to announce Mr. Trevor Loudon will speak at our meeting this month on Monday, December 5, 2016. The Presidential election is over and many have breathed a sigh of relief that our Constitutional and Judeo-Christian founding principles are secure. But are they? Thomas Jefferson wisely stated:

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”

The fact that we have a President-elect promising to protect our basic God-given, constitutionally affirmed rights is a great comfort, but we may have this reprieve for a short period of time – perhaps only for two, four or eight years. Meanwhile, it will be the job of “we the people” to use this gift of time to continue turning the ship called America back to the principles that made us a unique and great nation. This will require a commitment on the part of all of us to continue to be informed and to become that liaison or “contact person” for those in our individual spheres of influence.

Where do we start? First of all, we need to know our enemy and the tactics of our enemy.

Trevor Loudon is a Researcher and International Blogger from New Zealand who, because of his great respect and appreciation of the United States, has been for the past five years sharing his research information in order to raise awareness of Americans regarding those who are working against us from within our own government. He has been a featured speaker on two films previously shown at MVCI meetings:The Agenda – Grinding America Down and Agenda 2 – Masters of Deceit. Mr. Loudon is an author and his book, “The Enemies Within” has recently been made into a film by the same name.

MVCI has been working for over a year to arrange a date for Mr. Loudon to come and speak directly to us and it is our pleasure to announce that he will be here on Monday, December 5th.

Mark your calendar so you won’t miss this incredible, inspiring and informative speaker and learn about the critical information he has to share. As Mr. Loudon’s visa only allows for prescribed times in the United States, it is a privilege for us to have the opportunity to have him as our speaker. Invite your friends!

Click HERE for a trailer of the film: “The Enemies Within”


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