Oct 09

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A Critical Election: Two Visions, Two Americas


franklin-grahamFranklin Graham spoke in Columbus this week at his 47th stop on the Decision America Tour. We are standing at a crossroads in our history. We are about to choose one of two very different kinds of futures for our children and grandchildren. Reverend Graham calls it “The Most Important Election of our Lifetime” and it may be the most important for many years to come. We can’t not vote. But we must vote wisely. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, for the future of our great country.

The September 2016 issue of Decision magazine, “Two Visions, Two Americas” stresses the importance of the election to the future of the Supreme Court (Donald Trump has made a pledge to appoint strong conservative judges, and has even given a list of such judges that he would choose from.) The article states:

“The next president will be either Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump, and he or she will nominate those vital Supreme Court justices. Those judges will serve decades and make their judicial decisions felt for generations. In an age in which the Supreme Court and the federal bench have trended toward an activist, lawmaking role instead of their intended task—to act as umpires of the Constitution—the stakes for religious freedom and limited government are monumental.

In fact, says Tony Perkins, president of the Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Council, the very survival of our democratic republic may hinge on the fundamental beliefs of the next chief executive.

Perkins told Decision: “America is not going to cease to exist as the land mass that it is. What is at stake is the republic as we know it, freedoms that we have enjoyed.” ”

Click HERE to read the entire informative article.

Please get out and vote! (The deadline for voter registration is this Tuesday, October 11, 2016) And pray for the future of our nation!

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